What is Clubhouse Red? How to join? Clubhouse beginner lazy bag and the trial experience of receiving the invitation code, what problems may be encountered?

Clubhouse’s voice-centric social software has been burned to Taiwan from abroad! Let me take you to explore the mysterious realm of Clubhouse. This video will tell you what Clubhouse is, how the Clubhouse app works, and how to get started. In the future-oriented graphic, text, and audio communities, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, after being popular for so long, maybe Clubhouse, a community that returns to the original “sound” theme, will be a gathering place for aristocrats who disdain editing. By the way, the account at the end has expired. My account has been snatched by Irene. Please add: @erindiary_0904 #Clubhouse #CH #音社群下载 Clubhouse app: In the same scene, add Ying Zhiqi Qiqi out of the box Clubhouse: 👉Learn from media creation (Free 唷): 👉Equipment Traveler Towel FB: 👉Towel Instagram: mouching1123 (👉Invitation for cooperation, if you have something to say to the towel: How much is it? My wedding dress was shot in Korea! The tragic escape from Narita Airport: ——————————— ————————————————– ————- 👉Towel wedding preparation series Hong Xi Noya’s honeymoon! How does an engineer choose a suit? Will Korean haircut become an Obama? Proposal of an engineer! 👉Various travel videos of towels in Tokyo The 10th anniversary of the Marriott Hotel!
[日本] The Weather Son’s Holy Land Tour!
[紐西蘭] The best burger in New Zealand?
[馬來西亞] Kuala Lumpur in-depth Vlog!
[沙巴] Watch the five-day itinerary in Sabah in two minutes!
[韓國] Lotte Supermarket Seoul Station Store: 👉Towel equipment Review video Podcast recording system out of the box! Gopro Hero 8 full 4K shooting measurement! Is Sony RX100M7 suitable for Youtuber novices? Insta360 Out of the Box Red Noya: The most fashionable over-ear Bluetooth headset? Skullcandy Crusher out of the box! .


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  1. 請問clubhouse 名字已經改了超過兩次

  2. 這不是之前RC就玩過了嗎 視訊群眾聊天 又流行回來只是一時的 跟風潮

  3. 剛研究完clubhouse,還在等邀請碼,研究完覺得真的很適合家教XD

  4. 我剛查一下,可以先下載登錄,然後你的登錄會讓系統通知有你電話號碼,又是會員的人,對方收到通知會問他,要不要邀請,這個邀請不會用掉邀請卡,所以登錄後就等別人讓你進來。我剛剛登錄,上面顯示要登錄“真實姓名”嗎?

  5. 真是一個創新概念設計的社群模式

  6. 看到有報導寫這款APP的背後跟某國可能有關可能有資安疑慮,加上有看到有人在講聲紋被竊取可以幹嘛幹嘛,就有點小擔心。 報導提醒想講敏感話題的人最好是要小心

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