Students can apply for COVID-19 emergency aid starting Friday

Post-secondary students eligible for COVID-19 emergency aid can apply for the benefit starting Friday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau advised claimants to sign up for an account on the Canada Revenue Agency website to ensure the process moves as quickly as possible.
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  1. Need attention and help here: I have received 3 CERB and planning to switch in CESB. What will happen if I do that ? Is it better to stick in CERB or is it better to switch in CESB ?

  2. Hi, I went back to Philippines after attending Fall2019 (before the virus). I was supposed to be back to Canada last April 28 but got cancelled because of the virus then it got moved to mid-June. I am hust wondering why I am not eligible for the benefit even when I am enrolled this Fall2020. It says that the eligibility is that “you are unable to work because of the virus” and if “you can’t look for a job” l. What If I am unbale to work because I am stuck? Why can CERB recipients get the benefit even when they are outside of Canada and students can’t?

  3. see ppl are getting help from student to elder, from poor to homeless, what about disable people with immuse system disorder or any disable ppl, im 45 years old i still walk a little , i pay like 1500$ of taxe every year , but we have zero support. thing is hard for us too , my bill is almost twice as its use too. you willing to help senoir that few year ahead but a disable ppl who still have a good 45 year to go you just never mention them, but when its time to collect our taxe, that a no problem for you to contact us.

  4. This pisses me off. I just read an article were a 25 year old asian university student is getting all these benefits He does not work, lives at home with mom and dad and is spending the money on computers and his car

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  6. Thank you for my payment now I can keep my bens for a few more months. O But I still won't vote for you.

  7. You are giving free money to jobless people and yet you deduct a huge amount of taxes from nurses whom you call frontliner heroes and without even giving them monetary compensation!

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