Shanghai starts COVID-19 vaccination for Taiwan compatriots

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Shanghai Leading Group Office for COVID-19 Prevention and Control announced that starting April 19, Taiwan compatriots living in the city can make appointments for receiving Chinese-made vaccines for free.

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  1. we indians want chinese vaccine we dont trust blood clot vaccine made in my india

  2. actually this covid mutation that is happening in parts of the world, it's really testing our human mankind whether we have realise that we should stand solidarity together, despite our differences, especially the toxic political bias, etc.. whether we would learn & collaborate with one another as a global unity with a collective effort to fight against to contain this virus together. I truly believe it can be done if we do so…

  3. Yeah right! The Taiwanese people are really going to trust China's vaccines , I think they'd trust a bleach injection compared to Sinovac….. 😉

  4. Very good initiative. Hope more, similar to this, will follow. You're definitely the right track China!

  5. In illegitimate union of invaded India, All people wants independence from Union of india, 3 million cases in weak and division of 6000 groups and 600000 of subgroups are against union of India invaded Kashmir, asom and 27 indeginious majority states. Free Kashmir to Assam.

  6. All leaders like Putin to president Xi everyone should have to work together and cooperation is best way to do so.

  7. Both taipei and Beijing for Chinese is one. So there is no difference from apart from some eliments that because of capitalist people are doing some problems. Definitely ,99% Taiwanese are Chinese decendants and they had Chinese by Race.

  8. As am close to mainland and taipei. I always see brotherhood. Since DPP is actually not represent Chinese nation. It's actually our fault who vote for DPP, from my cousin's side they are Chinese Taipei citizens, and all actually said we are brainwashed earlier because of some time but now my own Zhang's relatives in Taipei said they will make our people into one nation.

  9. Taipei is china. All about our brothers. There is just an stupid island government who are not elected in 2024. Taipei will reform itself in 2024.

  10. Wondering when en-diots will start vaccination of poor ppl of Endia. So embarrassing when ur own ppl are discriminated because of so called low caste.

  11. Stupid, Taiwan or Chinese Mainland both are Chinese. I can't see the different. Taiwan are from Mainland too.
    The natives Taiwan looks like Dayak People of Borneo.

  12. Soon China will liberate Taiwan from America and meanwhile the Western medias are silent about this video.

  13. Again Propaganda video by CGTN . Chinese vaccine with 49% efficacy , no one will take even it's free. Lol

  14. Meanwhile…

    BBC – these taiwanese people living in china are forced by given trial vaccines which are deadly and contains new variant of viruses china are developing.

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