Hello and Welcome Back to my channel – Adventures in America. During these uncertain times and with many countries opening up for international flights, I would like to share these information for those who will be traveling to the Philippines. I am currently a dual citizen of Philippines and United States of America. This video will discuss the difference between Philippine dual citizenship and derivative citizenship.

Who is a dual citizen?
A dual citizen by birth is a natural born Filipino in a foreign country allowing/accepting dual nationality/dual citizenship.

Natural-born Filipinos who lost their Filipino citizenship through naturalization in a foreign country may re-acquire Philippine citizenship by taking the Philippine Oath of Allegiance before a duly authorized Philippine official. The Philippine Oath of Allegiance does not require a person to renounce his allegiance to any other country.

Who are qualified for derivative citizenship?

Under the principle of derivative citizenship, unmarried children under eighteen (18) years of age of those who reacquired Philippine citizenship are also deemed Filipino citizens.

A child who is eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of the parents’ reacquisition of Philippine citizenship, but was born when either parent was still a Filipino citizen, is considered a natural born Filipino and may apply for reacquisition of Philippine citizenship.

Take note that Philippine passport holders pay the terminal fee and travel tax.

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