Michigan Rolls Out New Covid 19 app – YouTube Version

Yes, paddling through 1984 I am adapting to the environment.


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  1. On Monday a 2 day total of 9110 cases ? Coincidence that they keep throwing out the 911 number ? Michigan basketball coach Tom Izzo has been reported to have COVID ( FLU ? ) That's what he gets for being stupid enough to have a swab jammed down his nose and participating in Michigan's Mask up comercials. At some point you'll be asked to pony up for all your fame and fortune to keep the charade going.

  2. Regarding the app: The last time my Android updated, it installed a Covid app. I found it only because I gad a hunch and looked for it. It can't be uninstalled, but I turned it off and turned off my location settings.
    I'm in Wisconsin, we have no app that I'm aware of, so this must be a 'generic' covid app.

  3. Utah has gone to mandatory masks and no association, basically with anyone, in public, for the next 2 weeks. $10,000 fine.
    My friends family has 6 people. The wife and 2 girls have confirmed Covid. The husband and the boys have not caught it. I have not caught it by being there and hugging and kissing.
    I am old and have Type 1 diabetes, which puts me in their high risk category.
    The symptoms of the girls are that of a mild cold.
    It is all BS.

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