JAMAICA NOW: Application breach … COVID-19 vaccine | Driver pleads guilty | Family homes demolished

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FEBRUARY 19, 2021: Government launches probe into alleged breach of JamCOVID app … $6 billion for COVID-19 vaccine purchase, two million Jamaicans to get the jab … Still no timeline for when vaccines will arrive in Jamaica … Getaway driver in Trelawny church murder pleads guilty and becomes prosecution witness.


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  1. This was not a breach by anyone on the outside. The stewards of the data, the government, failed to put the most basic of protections on the data repository. its like using your new phone with the default settings and not setting a screen lock. Its so basic it's laughable.
    Nuff yutes leaving uni to go call centre that would have done a much better job.

  2. 830 billion .. not even 6 millions American.. dam is going on .. dat enough for the year… wow…lol ..dis is a joke.. government too thief …

  3. Giving the Chinese land and throwing your people off land wow . you're doing a fine job MR priminister can bet some of these people voted for you and of course next election you expected them to
    Our people are destroy for lack of knowledge.imagine elderly and children are there… do you sleep at nights.
    Couldn't you place them on some of the many empty land jamaica as and work out some kind of lease and sale plan for them.
    I suppose there skin is too dark for you to go through all that trouble.
    God is watching you.. you're heartless and no better than the murderers that is plaguing our love no claims to be a christian but don't excersize the terms LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF.

  4. It's a shame they can't ban her from the island. She's a trouble maker!

    The Jamaicanj government selling the land to developers was cruel to the people who lived there for 3 generations and to have the cops come in and throw out their personal belongings was cruel. Couldn't someone assist in finding them another place to live? Now Jamaica has added more people to their homeless list. Absolutely terrible! Where is the compassion?

  5. Do you a know that this kind of this can happen and do happen in developed first world countries

  6. I allegedly believe the people that doing data buisness don't know what they are doing like my self

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