How to Write the COVID19 Essay

Are you applying for college this year? You may have noticed that there is a new essay for the Common App for the 2020-2021 application: the “COVID-19 essay”. Well, check out this video where Brooke shares some tips on that essay.

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  1. If you speak slowly, you class will be more beautiful and all of us will be interested to watch your videos.

  2. My essay: I now have to drive through when I waste my money at Carl's Jr. Please admit me.

  3. Hagop Alajajian
    1 second ago
    Hi I have a quick question about the format of college applications: Do colleges have a preference for font type or size? Do they want the college application essays double-spaced (like MLA format)?

  4. On the common app when you click on read more about the prompt it says do NOT use this section as an extra essay, what are your thoughts? I would like to talk abt the positives I saw from the virus.

  5. The pandemic actually had a positive effect one me. I had more time to do what I like and my mental health was actually better than when i was in school. Also I had more time to play the guitar which I didn’t have much time to do before because I had a lot of work.

  6. should i talk abt SAT test cancellations? its not the most important thing but i wanted to give context of why i didnt take it more

  7. Me: uhuh this is interesting… how has covid affected me adversely?
    Brooke: "If you're a homeschooled student and like… you've always been schooling at home…"
    Me: DAMN IT!!!!

  8. 1. Don’t Summarize the Crisis (everyone knows about it)
    2. Don’t talk about general things everyone is going through (it might sound too generic or complaining)
    3. Tell any circumstances in a story specific to you. (Something only you could write)
    4. If you don’t have a “sad story” don’t try to come up with one.

  9. 250 words is too less to write about this. i wanna tell a story but 250 words is just like one and a half paragraph long

  10. This is kinda off topic but it'd be really nice if someone could help me out. I have a SAT score of about 100 points more than the 75th percentile of the colleges I'm planning to apply to, but since the CIE exams got cancelled because of the pandemic, I've got two Bs and a C on my a levels. Will these grades lower my chances of getting into colleges significantly? Thankssss

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