Fact check: Google is not pushing a COVID-19 tracing app onto Android phones

Posts circulating on Facebook are warning Android phone users that they are being signed up for a COVID-19 tracing app by Google without their knowledge. This claim is incorrect. #ReutersFactCheck #ReutersFactCheck


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  1. Get your facts right -= The infrastructure to RUN the app is on all phones – But the INTERFACE to this is OPTIONAL. So, technically, the ability is there, but it is not automatically "working". Apologies if this was your conclusion, I couldn't be arsed to watch your video.

  2. Fact Check: This video is making untrue statements.
    Android users check: Settings/Google Service – viola, there's your Covid tracker. I don't even allow updates on my phone, and I had it.

  3. What respect and community guide lines when you are the ones who are not respecting our constitutional rights?????and freedom…had enough…

  4. As a 20+ year computer programmer, half of which has been Android, that's pretty naive! Where's the code to back up their claims? And if it the system doesn't use location, how does it know when you've come in contact? Furthermore, it'll never work if the majority of people have the opinion to opt out..

  5. It's difficult to put blind trust in these "fact checks" when the Thomson Reuters Foundation partially funded by Gates Foundation.

    But the fact is, they've been tracking our locations ever since GPS became a standard feature on mobile devices.

  6. i kept refusing to update my phone and it did it automatically and now the app is on my front page of my phone. IF what you say is true, then why can't it be removed. you can remove other apps.. This is a privacy issue. how are you gonna call me and tell me I have been exposed without telling me who I was around.. and there is a HIPPA law..guess that doesn't matter anymore huh?

  7. Google is tracking us anyway! Just an added tracker… pretty soon they'll download the app and then you'll be quarantined each time you're in contact with someone that is sick or is an undesirable

  8. This just reinforces my decision to get rid of my cell phone years ago. I don't miss it a bit, and I sure feel safer without it!!!

  9. I didn’t ask for the update but it’s on my phone….what’s false about that? How do i eliminate it?

  10. This is funny. Google is in the US. The US doesn't care about testing, tracing, masks, or a thing about life. Why would a US company spend a ton of resources finding out who has covid if they know they will all get it soon due to our idiot president?

  11. There was a day roughly a month ago where our phone service was nearly nil. The next day I found the app installed on my AND my partner's phone and WE DIDN'T INSTALL IT OURSELVES!! Our phones are over a year old so the app wasn't lurking in the background before.
    If they can force download apps on your devices what is stopping them from turning them on and off at random to track you?

  12. Go to your phone's Settings
    Go to Google
    And you see it right in top: Covid 19
    It IS turned off, however.

  13. They publicly it would be two stages. First you’d have to download an app. Next it would be built directly into a software update where no app is needed. They are tracing you.

  14. Hey Apple are you spying on us? Why no! Hey Google are you spying on us? Of course not. I feel so much better now that I know.

  15. BS, health app on iPhone is automatically installed when you get the phone and can’t uninstall it.

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