England to enter second lockdown from Thursday

Boris Johnson has announced plans for a month-long lockdown in England from Thursday until 2 December.

Pubs and restaurants will close except for takeaways, along with non-essential shops and entertainment venues.

Different households will be banned from mixing, although support bubbles and childcare bubbles will remain.

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  1. A lockdown? yesterday I saw people collecting mini bags of decorative pebbles from a B&Q what a joke!

  2. And people are ignoring the rules already. Otford in Kent today: A cycling club of at least 7 all out together and standing in a huddle buying coffee at the tea room. A group of 10 joggers with no thoughts of social distancing forcing people out of their way. A lot of these people will no doubt squawk about Christmas and 'all that they are entitled to'. Let's hope it gets cancelled as a punishment.

  3. Wow we had a harsh second lockdown here in Victoria Australia for over 100 days. We are only just coming out of it. We still have to wear masks outside our home and our schools were closed for months. Our retail and restaurants pubs etc only have just reopened and have very strict rules

  4. I generally don't like the Tories, but I felt that his apology here was sincere. It's a thankless job- especially during a pandemic. Give the man a break. It could be worse- it could be Trump

  5. China has sent the virus out once China still could be sending the virus out all people know right now

  6. These elite have created their own freaking country INSIDE OUR GOVERNMENT LOL.. this ends with blood.

  7. Boris Johnson truly sorry about businesses even in the care industry CQC are penalising care homes picking up on stupid silly things when they’re trying to care for people it’s outrageous the government said from the beginning rules would be broken and all the care industry wanted to do was look after them with learning disabilities the elderly one home got penalised because they couldn’t have a stairs carpet put down because of the COVID 19

  8. Pull all your cash from banks people if u have any every last pound..create a bank run…that’s the only language these banksters will understand…your pissing in the wind if your in the streets waving signs…MONEY thats the only language they understand.

  9. For national security, health and wellbeing of the UK arrest this clown and the puppet show pulling his strings pronto.

  10. How can this be called a "lock down" if: schools remain open, airports remain open, public transport can be used, etc.? I simply do not get how this could possible work – especially if it didn't work the first time when we locked down for several months – why would 4 weeks do it now? In flu season??

  11. Either shut schools down and commit to it or just ditch the whole plan, taking half measures does nothing but draw out the problem.

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