Electroneum: Live at the ANON2020 show. Q&A at the booth with Richard Ells

Live at the ANON2020 show Richard Ells live at the Electroneum Booth answering questions by the visitors. Electroneum’s Richard Ells does question and answers. A TON of new and updated info. Gotta watch this top altcoin CEO !
#ETN #altcoin #Electroneum

This is not Financial advice
(clearly, I’m not qualified, so don’t pretend that I am).

So talk to your financial adviser.

It is just the thoughts of Goofy Guy in a straw hat, mumbling on Youtube and talking about Crypto Currency.
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  1. Somebody had a good idea. They said instead of having people buying ETN on a Exchange, buy them from any task. If your a seller just use the money that a person send you that already converted into ETN and send that back to the person thru the app. Just charge a fee for doing it. What do you guys think??? That way the sellers get a little ETN and you get yours plus the money goes where it need to go and I think that help electroneum it self when it come to the price and safe and fast

  2. I wonder how much ETN Richard had on Cryptopia? Probably over 10 mil easily. I know he's sick about that. I guess everyone can take solace in the fact Ells lost money right along with everyone else on their. No scam there lol. My old phone still has the app for 2FA to get into my broker and it recently died so I hope its just the battery and not the phone thats dead. So I'll be anxiously waiting for that battery to come. (fingers crossed)

  3. @Dino – I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!
    At 1:07:50 Richard says – We don't need Binance, ETN holders can go to Huobi or Kucoin.
    NO WE CAN'T! THEY DO NOT ACCEPT U.S. CUSTOMERS! Dino tell him, please!
    Also regarding Binance, a bunch of states cannot get American version of Binance anyway. I live in one of those states, same as you Dino.
    Electroneum is not aware of the plight of US investors.
    There is no place to buy or sell ETN anymore. TradeOgre is not trustworthy according to everything I've read about them.
    You are in touch with Richard Ells, Dino. Do something to help us, PLEASE!!!!!

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