COVID-19: The UK's priority list for Pfizer's vaccine revealed

Find out where you fall on the COVID-19 vaccine priority list.

The list ranges from those aged over 80, to those in vulnerable categories.

Where are you on the list?

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  1. Until I see what side affects this has and if it actually works, I will not be taking it. Im not an anti-vaxer, Im sceptic and all of this is making my gut uneasy, I think I will listen to it.

  2. Speaking to friends in America and there is a big back lash against a covid vaccine, hence why it is being sent here instead of being used there. They have used the UK as guinea pigs as we have more percentage of citizens likely take the vaccine than any other country. This is not about the UK government caring more about its citizens but allowing us to be the guinea pigs for the rest of the world.

  3. Speaking to friends in America and there is a big back lash against a covid vaccine, hence why it is being sent here instead of being used there. They have used the UK as guinea pigs as we have more percentage of citizens likely take the vaccine than any other country. This is not about the UK government caring more about its citizens but allowing us to be the guinea pigs for the rest of the world.

  4. Even if I saw Pjizer employees taking this vaccine, or I knew the ingredients, or Pjizer weren't exempt from civil liability, I would NOT have a covid-1984 vaccine. Never, ever.

  5. All we need to do is stand up and their little game is over!
    Surprisingly no one is talking about our sun! why we’re all distracted. The next Carrington event is upon us also the magnetic pole shift.

    A team of scientists is working on an experimental vaccine that hijacks your DNA to build up resistance to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
    It’s still a work in progress, but the idea is to insert genetic material into a patient’s body that commissions their cellular machinery to churn out little virus-like particles, explained lead researcher and University of Waterloo pharmaceutical expert Roderick Slavcev.
    “The concept of a DNA-based vaccine is that the genetic cargo has to be delivered to cells first after which the gene is expressed and can generate the proteins of interest,” Slavcev told Futurism, “in this case the proteins making up a viral shell called a virus-like particle.”
    Slavcev and his team are trying to figure out how to engineer those virus-like particles to end up looking almost exactly like a harmless version of the coronavirus. If they sort out that remaining challenge, then the recipient’s immune system can go into overdrive and build up a resistance to the real coronavirus.
    “When complete, our DNA-based vaccine will be administered non-invasively as a nasal spray that delivers nanomedicine engineered to immunize and decrease COVID-19 infections,” Slavcev said in a press release on the vaccine project, which hasn’t yet been peer-reviewed or accepted into an academic journal.
    Just like a virus hijacks your cells and forces them to churn out more copies of the virus, this vaccine is expected to automate the production of those particles, which B-cells and T-cells — the biological hunter-seekers of the immune system — can use to ready themselves to fight the real-deal coronavirus.
    The main difference between this sort of DNA-based vaccine and a traditional one, Slavcev told Futurism, is that it relies on the person’s cells to create the mock virus instead of merely exposing them to an inert version of the real virus.
    “Personal genetics only has to do with how the vaccine is presented,” Slavcev told Futurism, regarding the decision to develop a DNA-based vaccine. “There is some variation between individuals and populations, but in this case the DNA is just to improve immune response and make it mimic a viral infection as closely as possible to stimulate the most effective immune response.”

  7. Average time to create a vaccine 10 years. This one 9 months.

    Billions paid out in the past due to injury caused by vaccines.

    Pfizer fined record amount in the past for their corrupt behaviour.

    Law passed to make Pfizer exempt from any illness/injury that may come from this vaccine.

    THINK –

  8. For something that has a 99.7% survival rate ?… that has to be stored at -90 ? Hell no !!! Give it to the sheep instead I will use my immune system thanks

  9. No ta

    Titanic was 95% successful
    Human body is 99% successful so keep your poison dart

  10. Let the politicians and government officials lead from the the front! They should create a public event and beam it live on air and get vaccinated along with members of their family! That will put a lot of mind at rest and clear the doubt! If this is not done, My family and I ain’t getting any vaccine. In America 3 former president has come out to say when the vaccine is approved they will take the shot live to encourage people to do so! That is leading from the front!

  11. Soo many anti vaxxers. I don't care if I cut out 5% of my life to be stuck indoors for another 2 years…

  12. Look at the long list of what they're NOT telling us…

    1. Not approved for under 16s
    2. Not tested for interaction or contraindications with other medicines
    3. Uncertain if it adversely impacts fertility
    4. It doesn’t have marketing authorisation
    5. Vaccine should be postponed for those suffering febrile illness
    6. Not recommended during pregnancy
    7. Unknown if vaccine is excreted in human milk
    8. In the rush to get the manufacturer's income streams moving, the MHRA was given only 5 days to study and scrutinise the vaccine

  13. Vaccines are routinely formulated with aborted human fetal cells known as MRC-5 and WI-38. The CDC openly lists some of the vaccines that use these “human diploid” cells, including Twinrix (Hep A / Hep B), ProQuad (MMRV) and Varivax (Varicella / chicken pox). FDA-published vaccine insert sheets such as this one for Varivax also openly admit to the use of aborted human fetal cell lines such as MRC-5:

    The product also contains residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein and trace quantities of neomycin and bovine calf serum from MRC-5 culture media.

    Even this GlaxoSmithKline vaccine insert sheet openly discusses the use of aborted human fetal cells in its Priorix-Tetra vaccine (MMRV):

    Each virus strain is separately produced in either chick embryo cells (mumps and measles) or MRC5 human diploid cells (rubella and varicella).

    Yet, amazingly, almost no member of the public is aware that aborted human fetal cells are routinely used in vaccines. The lying fake news media insists such talk is a “conspiracy theory,” even as the CDC, FDA and vaccine manufacturers openly declare the ingredient is being used in numerous vaccines. (See for daily coverage of breaking news on vaccines.)

    Now, a laboratory in Italy has carried out a complete genome sequencing of this MRC-5 cell line that’s deliberately inserted into multiple vaccines. What they’ve found in beyond shocking… it’s horrifying. As explained by Children’s Health Defense:

  14. Would love to see these pretend journalist been given the vaccine first under supervised conditions to make sure they were getting what we are being offered. Notice the giant virus in the background spawning mini virus's to the public.

  15. How come all those lead scientists in the advanced approval process look like Dr Mengeles disciples? Something dodgy about the look of them, best suited to the lab away from view.

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