COVID-19: See Corona Report of the whole of India. India Update | Latest News Coronavirus | Lockdown

COVID-19: Watch Corona Report of entire India in this segment, watch the latest update of India fighting with Coronavirus. COVID-19: See Corona Report of the whole of India. In this segment, see what is going on in the entire country with respect to the Corona. #Coronavirus # Covid19news #Lockdown About Channel: Zee News is the most trusted Hindi news channel in the country. Which brings for you 24 hours continuous breaking news related to India and the world, latest news, politics, entertainment and sports related news for you. So stay tuned and subscribe with Zee News. Zee News is India’s most trusted Hindi news channel with 24 hour coverage. Zee News covers breaking news, latest news, politics, entertainment and sports from India & world. ————————————————– ————————————————– ——— Download our mobile app: Subscribe to our channel: Watch Live TV: Subscribe to our other network channels: Zee Business: WION: Daily News and Analysis: Follow us on Google news- —- ————————————————– ————————————————– —– You can also visit our website at: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google News for latest updates: Zee News: – Zee Business: – DNA India: – WION: Zee News Apps: .


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  1. Scientist. Need to stop playing. God. Smh this has to stop creating. Shit. That not. Natural for humans you dUM fucks.

  2. बंगाल की कोविड रिपोर्ट प्लीज़

  3. Escuchen
    Dios nos está llamando al arrepentimiento y a la misericordia, ha dicho: La pandemia no terminará hasta que no cesen los abortos.
    Los humanos se han deshumanizado, ya no se ven cómo iguales sino como rivales. El más fuerte está sometiendo al débil y matando al inocente.

    Mira que nos dice Dios en el Génesis 9: 5-6

  4. Phir se lockdown kardo sab thik ho jayenge . Jab phir se ghar mein bhuke rahenge tab dimag unka thikaane aayega..

  5. election rally me social distancing aur mask phone hi kya?? Lekin tun yisko nhi dikhawoge ghuskhoro

  6. To PM Narendra Modi
    I request you, don't lockdown in this year again because people will not be discipline like same as previous year. In previous year they went outside, they didn't maintain distance, they didn't wear mask, they did party and all. So lockdown when work when people listen and follow rules.
    Just leave this pandemic on citizens now. Who don't listen they will face eventually when they will suffered.
    Previously because of lockdown economic down, school colleges shut, but corona cases do rise.


  7. kya banga me bhi band kiya he kya bangal he bhi lockdown he agar news vale bike huye nhi he to btaye hume

  8. रैली में लाखो लोग की भीड़ आ रही है वहा corona नहीं है रैलियों में जाने से डरता है corona.

  9. Ek saal hogaya school bachonka band hai corona ke naam pe barbad karrahe hai. Kisine khel sika diya ye khelte jare. ….

  10. I think the problem isn't ours or the government……its human nature, we won't learn something until it affects us or our family very hard…..I think corona was here for a reason and that reason is to punish humanity itself. If we did proper management and defend against the corona as we did some months ago, many things would have been different…… I said its human nature let nature teach us in the right way….god bless you

  11. Bangal me Political reli me corona nahi badh raha, Every politician should be same on, First political reli will spread the corona virus, then Middle class people has to shut their business and shit idle in home without money, People are getting financial issue etc… Rich people are not impact by lockdown and poor people as well, because somebody will feed them. what about Middle class people. Not sure when people will understood this scheme, Look like Common people has to come together against government and stop all this non sense.

  12. बाप बिना मास्क रैली कर रहा है वो बाप है इसलिए कोई नहीं पूछता दोगला मोदी

  13. Why dont these zee news reporters go and ask political leaders who are conducting huge rallies for selfish political benefits and endangering citizens lives, instead of bugging these people in general markets?

  14. voting timing me kisiko corona nhi ho raha h or public ghumne ja rahe h or college ,school me corona ho raha h wah g wah

  15. अनपढ़ गवार करोना नहीं कोरोना वायरस बोल

  16. Election per kyu nhi bolta…
    Media boo hee bolta haa joo govt. Bolti haa bolna ko…

  17. Sarkar ko e kab smj aayega ki raat me crfue lgane se kya mtlb raat me kon bhar niklta he .. pta ni kya chal rha he

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