COVID-19: PM says 40% of 80-year-olds have been vaccinated

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the success of vaccines against COVID-19 should ‘not be allowed to breed complacency about the state of the pandemic’.

He said he didn’t want to have to impose further lockdown restrictions, but that now is the moment for maximum observance of the rules.

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  1. My gran is 83 and refused the vaccine! She was given a mouthful from the person on the phone but stood her ground! Let her be an inspiration to us all

  2. ‘“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”’

  3. Most of them are already dead or may as well be dead not being able to see their families… F off fat Boris

  4. is it true Mr Johnson that some workers of the NHS who have been vaccinated with in hours contracted covid??? this vaccine is a last ditch attempt by this pathetic government to save face,

  5. The people on YT comments have really pushed the boat out on this one..

    Jokers to the left Jokers to the right….

  6. the world is control by evil all mainstream media is doing is brainwashing the mases with fear based bullshit all the time human perception is being deceived
    in order to get people to behavior and acted in the way they want viruses are not contagious but the brainwashing media stream media have got humanity believing they are

  7. its not a vaccine the jab has a nanochip inside it this is about turning man kind as we know it in to cyborgs

  8. these actors are picked for their cuddly innocent [who me?] looks…boris-clown, matt-little schoolboy, nigel-ecentric english gent. whats behind them-pure evil, and if they gain the upper hand with their neferious plan there will be no mercy.

  9. It's a huge ask to shift £1 billion+ doses of highly profitable somewhat dodgy vaccine. A race against time until everyone starts to wake up. Well said Boris.

  10. Why would anyone ask any of today's politicians about the virus. Like the dumb US democrats they and their "advisors " prove daily they do not have a clue!

  11. Over 80s have all been brainwashed by this goverment. Still in the same position if u take it . Do they know if theres going to be side affect? Change of DNA, other illnesses like bells palsy. This has gone out of control. Physcopaths leading our country

  12. If people just realise about what this politicians have been telling them is not accurate and many doctors was not allowed to speak about covid.

  13. If Boris can traveling,I can do is well, simple lick that!!! If he can brok own roll's,why should i need listening him!?

  14. My immune system has served me well and if it aint broke dont fix it
    Why do u have to wear a mask in a supermarket but u can just stroll into a vaccination centre full of people with ur disgusting virus riden face hanging out everywhere risking every1 elses lives u selfish sack of crxp

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