Covid 19 numbers as at January 19, 2021

Latest statistics on the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia.

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  1. PN goverment has made a big blunder by allowing inter state travel in last Dec and also initiated over throwing of Sabah goverment. These acts are highly irresponsible and had made the Rakyat suffered..

  2. Don't worry, WHO had reduced the Covid19 PCR test amplification threshold from 45X to 30X. These means there would be alot less false positives. With immediate effect. Unless the Malaysia authority decides to ignore WHO new guidelines.
    Most Malaysian people never heard of false positives rates are very high with Covid19 PCR.

  3. I just tested , the results is coming tomorrow. I am so nervous because right now I am sick. Pray for me 🙁

  4. Although the number is getting higher there are those who are not smart enough demanding various economic and tourism activities to be opened.

  5. Just do a total lockdown la. So hard meh?MCO is not doing anything. Cuz people don't follow SOP. And why people are still going to work? Those essential like food or hospital , gas . Others all work at home business all close .

  6. covid-20 :di patch sebelumnya, kami menyadari bahwa covid-19 begitu diabaikan oleh orang-orang tertentu, oleh karena itu kami sebagai pihak yang bertanggung jawab, maka kami melakukan revamp pada covid-19 ini menjadi covid-20. (1) Pasif: covid-20 akan menyebar ke orang yang terkena dampaknya, kemudian efeknya akan menyebar ke orang yang ada disekitarnya, namun kami sedikit mengurangi kecepatan penyebarannya yang awalnya 10-1 5% menjadi 5-10%. (1) Skill 1: kami juga menyadari bahwa para dokter sekarang dapat dengan mudah menghentikan penyebaran covid-19, oleh karena itu, kami melakukan revamp kepada skill 1 covid-20 yang awalnya menyebabkan efek slow, diubah menjadi immune, tidak hanya itu, damage yang diberikan kepada lawan akan ditingkatkan yg awalnya 200 menjadi 300. (~)Skill 2: Covid-20 akan memperbanyak sel pada dirinya kepada lawan, dari yang sebelumnya hanya menempel pada lawan, kali ini skill 2 ini dapat di stack hingga 5 stack,

  7. We have to keep doing our best to keep ourself save and help those who needed help !People is suffering from losing job, also pity to those who are poor , orphanage and also old folks home

  8. I will say there is a big mistakes doing by the not monitoring the close contacts of the victims. I have a bad experience here. My sister in law younger sister is working in putrajaya hospital as a doctor. & her entire team been infected. So she is positive Covid. And quarantine in her room. After my bro heard the news immediately he came to our house with mask on n his twin baby is with us as he goes to biz twice a week he will send them here. And he says "I have a bad news to tell all of you…"Q" have been infected with Covid positive so we are all going for check up"it was a very shocking news as if like a death sentence as we took every precaution. And we did it in private result today were negative for 9of us. After 1week another check up to reconfirm.How about others who being careless and have close contacts with the victim? Isn't that necessary for them to check too. Please do and advertisement at least for the awareness.As the gov don't ask the close contacts or visits the houses. Tq.

  9. malaysia orang china orang india orang pun semau mau check lah kanap check outside orang saja

  10. Oh Tuhan Ya Dewa Goei Gau Shian Shy…..berkatilah kalian semua bahawa kami bebas daripada cengkaman yang ketat dari Covid-19.

  11. Just remember the health system in not a breaking point. There's 238 people in the whole country in the intensive care unit. If they stopped using the hospitals as a quarantine center for people who have only mild cases or no symptoms and let them quarantine at home, the hospitals would be basically empty.

  12. Here's a headline for you: Today 31,946,369 people in Malaysia did not get covid today. 99.9999562% of the population survived covid. Hmmm doesn't have the same bite does it?

  13. Sudah parah dah COVID-19 ke atas negara sebab lambat bertindak dan bertangguh-tangguh ketika kes COVID-19 mula naik 3 angka. PKP berkesan bila COVID-19 masih tiga angka kecil. Sekarang, sudah beribu-ribu kes COVID-19 setiap hari. Apa nak jadi pada negara di akhir kesudahannya dan kepada rakyat yang patuhi SOP. dan yang tidak berdosa.

  14. The only way God can show us he’s in control is to put us in situation we can’t control.

    Be patient and have faith in God. It will be over soon. InsyaAllah.

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