COVID-19: Hancock – Government measures are keeping variants at bay

Matt Hancock has spoken to Sophy Ridge about the new vaccination targets that will see all adults offered a jab by the end of July.

The Health Secretary added that the government’s measures to prevent the South Africa and Brazil variants from spreading appear to be working, but the nation must stay “vigilant”.

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  1. How is Hancock still in the job ? he's a crook where were the tenders? brown envelope man he must go now

  2. This guy lied on national tv alone the Andrew Marr show, stating we were never short on PPE at the height of the pandemic. This criminal has been found guilty by the courts, him and this crooked government, for not publishing full details of the contracts revolving PPE and the vaccine..

  3. no fancy blondes with big words or legal documents doesn't scare me!!! they're all drunks man!!! they're all drunks!!!

  4. Well done Sophie
    Well done Skye News
    Will the ‘real’ Matt Hancock please stand down!
    No more manipulation
    No more bending information
    No more childlike swipes
    No more tunnel-vision, linear approaches
    No more protecting your reputation as priority!

  5. The way we used to behave like going to festivals and stuff was so unhygienic. I can't quite believe we used to live like that. I am currently studying at a medical college and am working at the NHS as a volunteer. We can go back to some normality once everybody starts following the damn rules.

  6. The vaccine roll out and the lifting of restrictions doesn't add up. They are baffled by their own BS.

  7. ofcourse they will use this pandemic as an excuse to push their global invasion to control the world with their ambitious plan Swamp Creatures are going all out this time

  8. Matt Hancock recently set up a deal via WhatsApp giving a friend £30 million contract who has no medical experience.
    When asked Matt Hancock dented this.
    He’s a fraudulent lying little crook!

  9. month or so? I have been back in the UK 3 months (Nov 9th) and have been in lockdown since then

  10. Almost 20 000 in hosiptal – in a country of 66 million people.. hahahaha what an absolute joke this NHS is

  11. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  12. Did he give contracts out to his mates in the city finance firms to broker PPE deals? Didn't UK sell PPE to other countries? Did companies that actually manufacturer PPE get ignored?

  13. Keep on spinning your lies and smoke screen to the sheeple Hancock, the people are not interested anymore!

  14. Is this clown related to Tony Hancock? All that arse-licking to get to the top of the garbage heap, and it all ends with the clang of a prison door and the rattle of a key locking his sorry arse in.

  15. hope that it works out because i wanna do my practical driving test honestly annoying because i cold have passed by end of January

  16. I suppose the vaccine transmition rate would fall it their off work, sick or dying, especially when they have professional con men inventing the stats.

    I still do not see how injecting animal RNA, heavy metals and silicone chips will protect us from the common cold, the vaccine seems to have the same 1.2% death rate as the corporate virus with a 98.8 suvival rate.

    Vitamin D works better considering that over half the covid deaths was caused by a vitamin D deficiency and miss management.

    Funny how when a doctor dies 2 days after having the vaccine he died of a blod clot on the brain.

  17. This guy needs to resign now. Matt Hancock acted unlawfully over pandemic contracts. Get that wasteman out…

  18. What if China closed its Borders and kept the virus in the Country and make the people isolate for 14-20 days and its gone.

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