COVID-19: Government 'bordering on the dangerous' – MP

A Conservative MP says the Government is “robbing people of hope” by refusing to give a date on when they can go on holiday or hug loved ones.

Sir Charles Walker said there’s no reason for further restrictions later this year now that the UK has numerous vaccines.

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  1. Charles and Sir Desmond are the only two people standing up for this country and the tyrannical measures they have put in place.

  2. This is any Governments fantasy its the excuse they dream of that they can use this to try take complete control of people in an authoritarian way its basically a political form of communism, or fascism what ever takes your fancy but it is an evil form of control. Its their intention to crush and destroy our country and demoralise a population so it makes controlling us easy, and taking away our freedom even easier. If we don't stand up to this soon we are screwed.

  3. Halleluja… Phraise the Lord!!! Common Sense is back in town, people. I am beyond THRILLED…. good gracious, that woman should be jumping up & down cheering along that finally (at least) the sound of ending this madness.. but nope, she continues to question it as if we had other options now. The world is hanging on a thread, the ship is sinking rapidly worldwide – while our leaders haven't los a dime, in fact doubled their income. Gosh. What a great man. Bless him!!! ♡♡♡ xx..

  4. Some comments on here are from brainless COVIDIOTS who probably wouldn’t care if it was one of there family members who died from covid

  5. This MP is obviously a killer then because he doesn’t care about the healthcare staff the nhs still being stressed out with still over 23,000 patients still there’s still over 13,000 cases the south Africa variant is starting to spread around uk now it’s now in Hampshire and there’s still 3 vulnerable groups who haven’t even had the first vaccine

  6. Wow, I’m stunned to see a politician actually speak sense. This is very refreshing to see

  7. Just lies after lies. Its just one big piss take and we as people allow people like this in power to controle us. End of the day we all live the same air and live on the same world yet time and time again we allow people in power to ruin the way we live and tell us what too do. All because of idiots many many years ago decided thats how it should be done. They now lie about covid figures and deaths have handles this utterly vile and shocking and say vaccine will help and its clearly NOT helping is it. They are up to something dodgy and its about time people put a stop to it, and she needs to stop saying over 100.000 deaths as its complete bollox. The figures of deaths might be right but I bet half of that isn't due to covid

  8. The 337 thumbs down are from the 1% I'm sure, just hope they ensure the vaccines stay optional and not obligatory, if not then we've lost the last of our liberty

  9. How do we know the ALL the deaths quoted in this video were ACTUALLY from Covid? I fear figures concerning deaths are being grossly fudged in an attempt to help the Government achieve IT’S hidden agenda objective and to hell with OUR agenda of wanting FREEDOM and a NORMAL lifestyle.

  10. its not about eradicating the virus, its about keeping the number of people requiring critical care below the maximum threshold the NHS can cope with. Ironically if the oxford research into the MARS/SARS vaccines funding wasn't cut when it was no longer a crisis we would of already had a vaccine and this hole situation could of been avoided but its these businessmen like Charles Walker that pull funding from vaccine research to save a buck short term that inevitably leads to the situation we have today. And he has the audacity to say the government is short sighted!

  11. It took 9 months for the government to close the travel corridors , only now have they implemented quarantine for travellers, a bit late now, the government are utterly incompetent they are killing us and turning us into prisoners .The ministers of parliament should all be held accountable and sacked , they are an inhumane disgrace to the British public .

  12. Love this guy. Well done He is my hero .All He says is true .Well done indeed God bless and protect Him.

  13. Superb No need any LOCK DOWN. We need to work .we need to help economy. Well done.Good man.

  14. He's ok, she's just another spineless, mindless coward riding the gravy train to ivory towers. Excessively cautious…masking the cowardice as concern for others lives. The government is full of them too. We should have had voluntary & targeted lockdowns of vulnerable groups, everyone else carry on as normal. I'm so sick of hearing these people waffle. They produce nothing of value, have a total disregard for freedom, democracy and self-determination, they profit from fear, they spread lies, they really are a deplorable bunch. They've caused as yet unknown amount of damage to innocent peoples lives, livelihoods, health & wellbeing…

  15. What a wonderful man! I am from the Netherlands, who is this man? I wish we had such a wise speaker in our government.

  16. There are no variants, what utter 8ollocks!
    ONS statistic for last year, 388 actual covid deaths, this is nothing but flu!

  17. we have already had enough we are in our sheds making guns to take back our freedom and idgaf how many pigs we need to kill

  18. Boris is doing what's right because if we lower our guard now we will be burying people all next year.

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