COVID-19: Concerns grow over number of carers turning down vaccine

Concerns have been raised about the number of carers taking up the COVID-19 vaccine.

Elderly people and care workers are among the first to be offered the vaccine but many care workers are questioning the effectiveness and the safety of it.

Sky’s Lisa Holland visited a care home for the elderly, where half the staff refuse to be vaccinated.

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  1. How are these carers putting others lives at risk IF THE VACCINE DOES NOT STOP TRANSMISSION?

  2. Elderly are too trusting in the Establishment, many medical staff are also generally indoctinated types. But carers are free-spirits and do their own research in breaking free from this dangerous cycle of enslavement!

  3. who is more contagious ?
    Dear Editor,
    With all the repression of talking about vitamins, zinc, HCQ and ivermectin for early treatment of Covid victims, we need to have this question answered! Covid survivors with no symptoms are not contagious after 14 days of being symptom free. I'm reading no such thing with those who have been vaccinated? Why is that? Or do those who are vaccinated a greater risk to the general public than the unvaccinated general public?

  4. If patients began dying from this vaccine, we simply wouldn’t know about it since the government would hide it. I do not understand people who are all for and want this vaccine voluntarily…

  5. Finally some sheep’s are waking up this is fake news your not putting anyone at danger by not getting the vaccine

  6. Here we go……so predictable…..forced injections in able to be able to work……Evil Enter
    Entities at work……

  7. Well if they dont have it then get rid of them. I would expect that if the shoe was on the other foot it would be different no wonder the country is the way it is.

  8. The staff are very likely more educated than the residents. They may have read the news from Norway about all the 'to be expected' and 'perfectly reasonable' deaths associated with shiny brand new and very expensive and profitable sub zero Pfizer vaccine. Deaths of people over 85 are to be expected. Not worth investigation.

  9. Why are people angry at carers who do not want to take the risk of having gene therapy? If the 'vaccine ' works, then those who have had it are protected. If it doesn't work, why should people take it? To me thos report is the start of an attempt to shame and pressure anyone who is not comfortable having a very new gene therapy shot. Mark my words…when they have over half the population injected, the real pressure will begin and the loss of freedom will be blamed on those who are trying to protect their health from the possible negative long-term or future effects of a new form of gene therapy. I am not anti vax. I have had vaccines many times in my life. I AM very concerned about how this shot will effect the recipients once they encounter live cold, flu viruses next year. Animal studies have had bad outcomes. The scientific papers are available for people to read.

  10. its not a vaccine! its there to kill people, It doesnt exsits, more people die for car accidents, if anything more people die for Starvation. WAKE UP

  11. Get your parents out of the nursing homes. Its nothing but death to all those that take it. Its a PLANDEMIC. Farking stupid human beings.

  12. How rude calling them selfish when they have probably worked through all the lockdowns. I bet he was say at home through the first lockdown. First they are hero's and now they are selfish ridiculous. When I see less people dying after having the vaccine I might consider it until then I will not be taking something I do not trust. How can it be safe when it takes years normally.

  13. Disgusting…this man is only interested in making money off old People. He's only concerned because his pay packet will be impacted….

  14. I understand that it's people's personal choice but for nearly a year everyone is been separated from family at the hope of getting back to normal and now we have vaccines people are turning there noses up at it

  15. "What we don't yet know is if it effectively stops transmission of the virus"
    Translation, There's no proof the vaccine is effective.

  16. This jab has not been scientifically proven to give immunity against COVID yet, or stop the spread. Hardly a vaccine at this stage.. That said, I don’t understand why there’s ‘huge concerns’ over carers turning it down?

  17. All these comment sections are restoring my faith in humanity, great that people are finally waking up.

  18. 美國 vs 沙地阿拉伯

    (1) 美國的人口是3.28億,沙地阿拉伯的人口是0.34億,美國大概是沙特的10倍。

    (2) 執筆之時,美國的確診人數是2,490萬,沙特的確診人數是36.6萬,美國大概是沙特的68倍。

    (3) 美國的確診死亡人數是41.4萬,沙特的確診死亡人數是6,346人,美國大概是沙特的65倍。





  19. “The vast majority of people are now immune and there is absolutely no need for any experimental vaccine for COVID-19.”
    Dr Mike Yeadon
    Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer

  20. No concern here or with millions of people seeing this report….only concern is with MSM, spreading BS – Power to the Workers!!

  21. If the owner is so concerned about his residents and their health, why is his mask pulled down whilst he speaks with elderly residents.

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