Coronavirus: How to use COVID-19 Gov PK app – BBC URDU

پاکستان حکومت نے کورونا وائرس کے بارے میں معلومات عوام تک پہنچانے کے لیے ایک ایپ متعارف کروائی ہے۔
اس ایپ سے کیسے مستفید ہوا جا سکتا ہے، یہ جاننے کے لیے دیکھیے ہماری ویڈیو۔۔۔
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  1. Wife going back to work tomorrow just been called by Hospital. They need lot of health workers in emergency situation. Hazrat I made duas what can cure virus. All I got “ Neem” I given Neem powder my wife to put one chutkki in mouth and let this dissolve in saliva pass through throat. It was very hard to do it. But she did and I assume it killed virus Alhamdolilah. I told my home in Pakistan to use Neem powder in hot water to do gargle or keep small pinch on tongue let it dissolve pass through throat. Then drink warm water after it. All Indian grocery stores sells neem powder. Doing this 3-4 times in 24 hours helped. Allah knows all truth and best. We only did what we got response in duas

  2. اللہ پاک ہم سب پررحم کرے اور اس مبارک مہینے رمضان المبارک کے واسطے ہمیں معاف کرے تاکہ پوری دنیا کو اس ڈر خوف سے چھٹکارا دے

  3. dubai m phanse sonu nigam ne bheja salaam….dekhne k liye mere photo prr click karen…..plz

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