Coronavirus: $5,000 fines to apply to people found breaching COVID-19 isolation orders | 7NEWS

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed there will be harsh new COVID-19 penalties and rules for people who fail to isolate after hundreds could not be found.

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  1. Why are government officials being granted travel immunity to travel interstate even with a positive covid test result?
    People need to wake up and unite against the constant division being forced down our throats.

  2. It's amazing how these really sick people are even able to drive or go to work or do anything considering how lethal this virus is.

  3. Good. For all you who think you're having you're rights suppressed, grow up and do your part.

  4. Self isolation will never work. Door knocks will never work. On the spot fines will never work. Isolation has to be enforced in a secure facility, regardless of personal circumstances. Use the ADF to do what they do best. Let the ADF erect secure facilities with ADF guards, ADF field catering, ADF mobile shower units, ADF field medical services. The ADF can put this together very quickly, it is their job and they do it very well.

  5. 11 more deaths? What all 90 year olds from aged care? OOOOOOHHHHH so scary! PROPAGANDA! NWO is here!

  6. Please wash your nether regions really well in these trying times. you never know what you are going to catch of communist Dan and his entourage.

  7. Go on Victoria. Go for the record. You can do it. I am confident you can exceed 1000 a day. Your refusal to follow guidelines shows victorians arrogance and snobbery. Now SUFFERRRR. Expect no sympathy from the rest of the country. Now the fools are trying to infect the rest of the country

  8. Allow ideological protests, and then prevent people from working, fine them, and imprison them. Seems pretty fair! Dan Andrews is a disgrace.

  9. These kinds of assholes are a waste of oxygen. What kind of disgusting human being do you have to be to slam someone's head into the concrete – police officer or not – because you dont FEEL like wearing a mask. A mask that 99% of EVERYONE ELSE in the entire state is wearing for the betterment of EVERYONE. Heavily fine the bastards, throw them in jail and toss the key. I do not condone violence against another, but in this case, these assholes need to be deliberately exposed to the virus so that they get a taste of what they advocate. These kinds of people absolutely disgust me and damages a part of my faith in humanity.

  10. So many positive comments here yet we still wear masks and are told lies. Trolls. comments deleted. How long can we put up with this.

  11. Not enough prison cells for the ones that want to say no, and we are many. Trolls on here are. God or the force that you believe in is with you.

  12. I am so glad I am not screwed in the head like all those “Conspiracy Theorists”. They all think that thousands and thousands and thousands of Doctors and Nurses from all around the World and all those in Government are all lying to their own children, and to their families, and to the whole community by telling them there is a Virus when there really isn’t. You think Scott Morrison and all those in Government are lying to their own children so as to keep the Illuminati / Freemason / One World Government secret safe ? If you truly think that, then you are screwed in the head.

  13. Australia is too soft to implement this. The Government should know that fines and infringement will not deter them from breaking the law. Prison will not also deter them because they know that prison is full. Put ankle bracelet on the offenders. Install an locator app in their phones and randomly check them. Implement what Taiwan is doing.

  14. If these idiots can't self isolate as required at home, then they should all be put into solitary confinement in prison for a month.

  15. LOCK. THEM. UP.
    set and example…none of this bullshit about bigger fines and meaner ppl. prison AND fines. at least until this is all over

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  17. No virus can be transmitted through the air, regardless of type or source. What is a virus? It is part of the immune system of the human body or animal. You produce your own virus. I produce my own virus. Every living creature produces its own virus. It is a protein only, not a living organism. The virus is produced by the body to digest toxic and diseased tissues for rapid disposal. If you eat sick snake flesh or bat, the digestive enzymes and juices will break down the Bat's proteins into
    Amino acids are absorbed by the body and convert from animal proteins to human proteins. The virus is the body soap for the sepsis of toxic and diseased tissues. The human body produces 300 viruses, each one acting on a specific tissue.

    Aajonus Vonderplanitz

  18. Out of 100 aged care cases, only 10% fatal. Actually good news as it shows a high survival rate. Not good for the victims of course.

  19. Pure REVENUE generation. Thats all.
    Look at "EVENT201"
    Look at "Rockefeller Scenarios on Technology & Development" TEN YEARS AGO…look at section "LOCKSTEP"
    Then listen to this media controlled lie.
    Our government signed us over to this "live drill"
    These "fines" fund your wages officers…remember the trials after WW11… They came after you.

  20. There is a minority of people acting like naughty children. And a few attacking staff and police. I say lock them up in a nursing home and leave them without food for a week. The rest of us can go back to our jobs, friends and family.

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