• Instant Estimate Calculator

    RoughEst Instant Estimate Calculator allows website visitors to easily and instantly calculate a rough price range estimate for your services. This plugin adds two instant calculators to your widgets panel: 1. Cost Per Square Foot Calculator Customer enters two values Calculator multiplies them to get the sqft Multiplies that number by your cost-per-sqft Generates total and displays a price range…

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  • BIT Admin Date Column fix for WooCommerce

    Adds the full time and date to the date column for those that find the ‘1 hour ago’ stupid.This isn’t the best fix going, since the core function render_order_date_column in not (imo) implent a filter correctly. You can add a filter for the date column, BUT it’s only effective on the field for orders greater than 1 day. This…

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  • Rishi Checkout for WooCommerce

    Brazil only for now. Este checkout oferece uma experiência diferenciada para sua loja vender mais. Solicitação de e-mail antes da compra, validações em tempo real e muito mais. Para usar este plugin você precisa de uma conta em How can I use this plugin? Request your account at There are no reviews for this plugin. “Rishi Checkout for…

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  • Show Activity Log Of Custom Roles

    This plugin enhanced the functionality of the Activity Log plugin to show all the activities performed by users who have assigned custom roles. Upload plugin files to your plugins folder, or install using WordPress’ built-in Add New Plugin installer Activate the plugin Go to the plugin page (under Dashboard > Activity Log) Amazing plugin and very useful. Thank you for…

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  • Omega PayPal Tracking for Woo

    Paypal’s #1 recommended best practice to reduce the likelihood of having a reserve applied to your account. Omega PayPal Tracking for Woo takes care of submitting tracking information from WooCommerce to PayPal. You can spend more time focusing on your business, driving sales & optimizing the conversion rate.Once you have fulfilled orders paid by WooCommerce, My app will be noticed…

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  • Open Graph Headers for WP

    Open Graph Headers for WP plugin adds opengraph meta tags to head of all pages on your WordPress site.It does not add any page on admin part. There is no any features the plugin takes all data from posts and pages.The tags generated with this plugin are prepared with requires of published Opengraph standards ( Header meta tag Upload plugin…

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