🔴 Build a COVID-19 Tracker with REACT JS for Beginners (React Hooks and Material UI)

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In this FREE LIVE training, Sonny and Naz will show you how to build a COVID-19 Tracker with REACT JS 🚀

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  1. Hello Guys, if you get following Error Message: Attempted import error: 'Map' is not exported from 'react-leaflet' (imported as 'LeafletMap').
    change the import line as following "import { MapContainer as LeafletMap, TileLayer } from "react-leaflet";" This solved the issue for me 😉

  2. Was running into some issues with chart.js around the 3:00:00 mark – editing the "chart.js" version number to "^2.9.4" in your package.json file will fix this.

  3. If you stuck with chart.js, just download the 2.9.4 version instead of the latest.

  4. TypeError: cannot read property 'map' of undefined for showDataOnMap in util.js….can anyone help me with this

  5. Btw when I was building this project yesterday, I had the same issue with the Graph. It kept showing me "cant not read defaults of chart.js " error, even though my code was exactly the same as you. The solution to it was changing chart.js version back to — "chart.js": "^2.9.4" — and reinstall the node modules. I believe when this video was made, the version of chart.js was still 2.9.4. Hope this will be helpfull for new builders 🙂

  6. How amazing is this!!
    It is my first time actually following up you guys to build a project together, and I regret that I didn't do this sooner before!!
    I have understood so many things that I did't fully understand or falsely understand about React all this time 🙂
    Thank you sooooo much !

  7. Can anyone help me understand what is going on in this code :
    const buildChartData = (data, casesType='cases') =>{

    const chartData = [];

    let lastDataPoint;

    for(let date in data.cases){


    const newDataPoint ={

    x: date,

    y: data[casesType][date] – lastDataPoint




    lastDataPoint = data[casesType][date];


    return chartData;

    pls help if u know

  8. Error: React.cloneElement(…): The argument must be a React element, but you passed undefined.
    I'm facing this error after adding material UI to my project.
    My code is exactly the same as your code guys, but still facing isse. Please Help me.

  9. I did all the deploying step exactly like them and when I get the hosting url it sends me to a page telling me to Open hosting documentation

  10. The map does not zoom when I changed the country, and the code seems to be correct, help

  11. only bad thing about this video is naz, don't know why he keeps on shouting the whole time only if was quite and briefed the code more than shouting it would have done wonders.

  12. Attempted import error: 'Map' is not exported from 'react-leaflet' (imported as 'LeafletMap').
    plz help

  13. Does anyone have the same issue where the map just won't render when i switch to the other country ?

  14. around 1:04:30 why doesn't "display: flex" won't work when I have my css name as "app.module.css" instead of "app.css" ?

  15. hey Sonny and Naz, I am getting an error . can u /somebody help

    TypeError: is not a function
    4 |
    5 | function Table({ countries }) {
    6 | return (
    > 7 | <div className="table">
    8 | { => (
    9 | <tr>
    10 | <td>{}</td>

  16. This is like a live TV show. Naz is the HOST and Sonny is the Celeb GUEST. Naz literally asking people to call the direct line every time he gets to talk, managing TVCs and MOSTLY INTERRUPTING THE GUEST. But the viewers are REALLY HERE TO WATCH THE CELEB.

    It's a fun class but i think SONNY and QAZI make a better duo bc QAZI doesn't interrupt SONNY like NAZ does.

  17. Why Why Why, both Qazi (in other videos) and this guy doing the same thing of interrupting Sonny teaching? Let him do the job. I would listen to Sonny all day but cant handle both Qazi and this guy at all..

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