Biden unveils plan to speed U.S. COVID-19 vaccine rollout

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On Friday, Joe Biden said he would order increased medical supplies to ramp up vaccinations against COVID-19. The U.S. President-elect is vowing to improve on the Trump administration’s rollout, which he has called a “dismal failure.” His plan includes setting up thousands of vaccination centers for teachers, grocery store workers, and people over 65. To help curb the virus, Biden is urging people to wear masks during his first 100 days in office. #Biden #US #Coronavirus

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  1. Well, wish him a success on his new plan. Although I doubt its implementation, I do hope it will at least slow the spread of covid in the US. A healthy world requires a healthy US after all.

  2. To little to late…… its taken trump out over 4k deaths a day…… Biden and the system of the US cqn not stop nor control people. They are to full of themselves.

  3. This weak man Biden is taking all the credit for the vaccine. This guy makes me puke and Harris is a Fraud and liar. Also funny how they both plagiarize.

  4. Make sure biden is signing 1st executive order compulsary to wear mask in public area.. failing to do so will get pray for american stay strong stay healthy …

  5. Wake up, the politicians are all the same liars. Changes are made just by economy. THIS is the only and real power in the world.

  6. Things are really bad in the US and it's only going to get worse .
    Watch out for a third wave .

    You're very welcome
    Sincerely from the AWESOME revolution

    China should be made to pay and criminal charges brought against Xi Jing ping !

  8. 45 has done all the Covid heavy lifting and now soon to be 46 is claiming the glory !

  9. I'll wait for Russia's new covid antidote vaccine, as health experts are concerned that the West's current vaccines may not be able to deal with the new strains of covid.

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