Applying to Pharmacy School During COVID-19 Pandemic | Virtual Interview Questions | Writing Sample

In this video I uncover another layer about myself that I really wanted to keep private which is why I have been hesitant on uploading. School has been sacred to me for a long time but God has called me to make this video because if I didn’t have help I’m sure there are other students out there like myself looking for info. Also, I chose to answer #2 of the writing sample in my interview!

Time Stamps
Reasons to apply during this pandemic: 2:45
Virtual interview lay-out: 5:00
Writing sample: 7:15
Interview questions: 8:33
Group activity: 19:27

Pharmacy School Playlist ⤵️

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  1. Congratulations! I’ve been invited to a virtual pharmacy interview next week for an accelerated pharmacy school here on the west side. I wanted to thank you for publishing your videos in how to prep for pharmacy school interview and what types of questions an applicant may hear during this event. May I ask you, if that’s okay…how long after the interview you heard from the school that you got accepted?

  2. Warning pharmacy jobs are hard to find, and pharmacy school are very expensive! pharmacy school is 3 years of in class and 1 year of rotation, why don't you go to medial school? most pharmacy schools are as hard as medical school or may be even harder! this is coming from a practicing pharmacist!

  3. I am Interested to know your opinion on the Jobless crisis with pharmacist and new graduates is only getting worst I have a friend
    that took her years to find part time work only and at a salary of 20 years ago ….She has not been able to move out of her parents
    house due to the student debt at 8% for the 30 years no room to pay rent …..
    And what is you opinion on pharmacist not having the right to take a lunch break or take a breaks at all ….they go 14 hours straight and
    no break or no seat down time . ( they are consider " management" is a grey area hen the chain pharmacies abuse that law, the pharmacist has barley tech help and verification scrips amount are getting bigger and bigger ,,,,,,like up to 900 a day …

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