Apple's new smartwatch could help battle COVID-19

Apple unveiled its new line of smartwatches this week with a new health sensor that might help in the battle against COVID-19.

Image Matrix Tech editor Djuro Sen told Sky News the watch measures blood oxygen levels, which may help alert a user to a possible infection.

“And over 15 seconds it looks at the changes or the colour of the blood and it can tell how much oxygen is in there,” he said.

“It’s an incredibly advanced watch … it does everything as well to remind you to wash your hands.”


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  1. Important petition on the Australian Parliamentary website: Petition EN1837 – Safety, Ethical, Mandatory concerns of Australians regarding SARS-Cov-2 vaccines. Expires in a few days. Only some 3,000 signatures to date!

  2. A watch that removes Dan Andrews and Palaszczuk? I'm In! Oh…just another flimsy piece of Apple junk. Sigh… By the way, folks, it's pronounced Palaz-chook. She's just vain and pretentious.

  3. Not a conspiracy, but what if someone decide to send your "corrupted" data to authority with report you are infected? Then you are being detained under disquises being Covid sick … And then considering tests are 50% positive negative you just become sick by accident.

  4. Sky news: COVID-19 is a scam, REEEEEEEEEEEE

    Also Sky news: Please tell us how this watch stops the spread of this obvious fake disease…….

    No wonder idiots love watching Sky news.

  5. Walking past the apple store yesterday and the joint looks like a bloody Covid testing centre or hospital. The mask wearing, people having to give their details and sanitising the skin off your hands just to enter. If people refused this crap, apple would change their fear mongering policies. Apple are a joke.

  6. You don't need a watch to help you get over a flu virus…..let me explain what you do….right so you get it and then get over it… you think you might be able to follow those instructions?….you morons

  7. Light passing thru living tissue for medical purposes…
    Most of the medical procedures known to the civilized world
    exist because of the experiments performed during WW2
    on people by the Germans and Japanese …never mind.

  8. Made in Chinese sweat shops, controlled by CCP, what a farce! No thank you Apple, time to own up to you hypocrisy!

  9. What a coincidence, let me guess it pairs with an app that australia/usa will make as well aka ShareRing.
    Look it up. Digital Identity, Digital Everything .

  10. Apple 9000: I'm sorry Dave I can't do that.
    Andrews: Yes Dave, I will do that.

  11. A cheep blood o2 level is under $30 on amazon. Buy that instead, look for a number under 90, and a temp number over 99, then consider your self to be sick.

  12. Throw away 'smart' anything. It has taken over the control of your lives and dumbed down a generation. It now controls you.

  13. Sky news what is wrong with your weekend reporters? Alan Jones and the rest are calling bull on this virus. Your weekend reporters are promoting the virus

  14. We must be too retarded to know how we feel? Stupid. Are we that disconnected from our physical bodies?

  15. The Apple watch sending your every move and biological data to governments including the CCP.

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