164% APY?!? 😲 – Passive Income With Essentia Masternode

Essentia is a low cap coin that works with multiple blockchains and can help generate passive income with its masternodes that have generated a reported 164% APY.

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Essentia Masternode Guide

Essentia Block Explorer

Essentia Fee Reimbursement

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00:00 Introduction
02:15 Essentia Nodes and Wallet
06:30 Get ESS on Uniswap
08:39 Deploy Masternode
12:35 Tokenomics
16:28 Staking ESS


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  1. You should warn people that this project seems to be having serious trouble right now, and they might want to think twice before investing their money. Token swap minimum has been raised to 100k, so staking is far less accessible. People are having trouble withdrawing their tokens from the ESS wallet, myself included. Token swap is failing, leading to all kinds of issues (I have 30k phantom ESS returned to my metamask wallet and ~$20 worth of ETH eaten up in fees). It's an interesting project but they do not have their act together at the moment.

  2. Bro the gas fees on eth are killing me, I wanna do certain things and be more involved but jeez it really is terrible, unless you're so rich that 100s of dollars in gas fees is nothing


  4. I have enjoyed watching this video. Another fully decentralized project thought might be interesting to look at; Digital Reserve currency(DRC).

  5. Can you set it yp and just lwave It, or do u have to keep paying fees

  6. Would love to see ESS switch to BSC or cardano. Eth is just becoming a garbage now

  7. anyone know why at the 4:05 mark the yearly percentage shows 43.89 and not the 164%. not sure how the apy works. thanks

  8. Great video, let's go Essentia. Such a fantastic project with lots of potential. They are a great team and are super helpful to their community.

  9. And 164% APY on a nearly worthless token. That will go down in value while you are earning your APY. LOL.

  10. What about 360% APY on $UMB ?? Thats the best market is currently offering. I

  11. The price of the ESS token is $0.002 therefore this is useless (unprofitable)

  12. If it sounds to good to be true – it’s because it is! Using reason and logic won’t cost you a dime – but FOMO’ing can cost you everything.

  13. Can I send my ESS tokens in Bilaxy exchange straight into my ESS Wallet?! Do I need to have some ETH in my ESS wallet to pay for the gas fees or it will be taken into my ESSX token to pay for the masternode gas fee and server fee?! Thanks

  14. I really like the Tutorials that you share with us and hope there will be more for the dapps and projects where we can contribute to the Crypto space. GG!

  15. you get 164% a year.. of a token that got printed out of nothing and have zero adoption. never heard of them

  16. Thanks a lot for the information.
    A piece of advice: a 231k follower channel should have a better audio sound quality. I suggest changing the microphone.

  17. I'd be a lot more interested if it was on a different chain without ETH gas fees, Hathor or similar

  18. ESS is working on a converter to Binance Smart Chain. They said within weeks it is ready. Then no stopping. Imagine Binance listing ? Can capitalize easy 500M in this market, of course it will retrace but most def hold around 350-380M cap.

  19. ESS Essentia Is really nice. They guys behind it are creating something really special.

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