#1 What Should We Do About The Hijab Ban? || The Clubhouse Show

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00:00 Coming Up
00:26 Introduction To Clubhouse
01:12 The Situation Of France
08:40 Don’t You Know That The Kuffaar Hate You And Want To Harm You?
11:07 They Want To Misguide You
15:04 France’s Issue Isn’t With The Niqab But With Islam
18:50 Why Are You Attached To Them?!
23:00 Are They Destructing Themselves?
30:10 How Can We Balance Doing Hijrah And The Dawah We’re Suppose To Spread ?
37:50 This Kaafir Advocates For You To Do Hijrah As It Is More Beneficial
41:00 We Use To Be Leading The World, What Happened To Us?!
48:15 An Innovator Was Involved In This Mess!!
55:20 We Want Success But We Compromise Our Deen
1:00:00 Hijrah Is A True Sign Of Imaan

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  1. Assalamu alaikum brother lmran the incident where the teacher depicted our Nabi may pbuh and his family took place in upper Batley boy's school Kirklees where I happen to live up north.

  2. They want us to get comfortable wearing revealing clothes & they want to tell us that hijab & niqab is a sign of oppression. So later when women grown up, they don’t want to wear it. May Allah curse those evil people.

  3. Even though I wasn’t live for part of this, I remember hearing benefits when I did listen in Alhamdulillah.

  4. Why are Muslims the hated one? No one targets Hindus Christians or atheists based on their beliefs. It’s because we are RIGHT. Islam is the truth and the 1% KNOW IT. That’s why they hate us.

  5. Leave the west these people will be enslaved soon by their governments. Hijrah can become mandatory if you are oppressed

  6. Verily Allah will not change the condition of a people UNLESS they change that which is within themselves

  7. It'll be a surprise if this stays up for more than 24 hours Subhana Allah may Allah allow us to see the truth overcome this falsehood

  8. What about uniting the Muslim majority countries in Africa ? Under one righteous leader who follows the methodology of the Salaf properly , but then these western countries will pay and send some assassins to assassinate the leader due to their hate and racism but also their hate for Islām as well .
    But it is not going to be simple at all.

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