Zilliqa Ecosystem Updates! – STAKING VS LIQ MINING – Whiskey Securities Now Live – #4 Transactions

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  1. I have a theory. It's obvious that whales and institutions are trying to start some fud so they can continue to accumulate eth and btc at low prices, especially those institutions who haven't bought any/enough yet. So at some point, btc will want to go up against their best efforts because of all the bullish news of btc and eth going mainstream etc. Therefore, would they then try to promote an truly epic altcoin season so that those retail investors who hold mostly btc and eth will sell some of those btc and eth for alts?

  2. hello Andy can you explain exactly how this whiskey translates into extra transactions on the Zilliqa blockchain

  3. Hey Andy thanks for another video. How much percentage of the pool you need to get rewards when providing liquidity ?

  4. Can you make a video about using Zilswap? I would like to put gzil in the liq pool but as I understand it I have to pass Zil too?

  5. Have you tried Zilswap? I found it a little bit tedious in that if you sent a few GZil to swap into ZIL you already need ZIL on Zilswap to make the transaction happen. Why can’t they just take it off the swap balance? Just an idea…

  6. Ha ha. Good one Andy. I was planning to take my staking rewards to to liquidity pools to minimize any downtime but yes I am still sitting back to see how this plays out. Great info on where ZIL stands next to the top cryptos. Under the radar definitely. Mahalos plenty.

  7. Atomic Wallet charges 12 ZIL to claim my stake and 6 ZIL to stake. Its takes about a week for me to make 18 ZIL. Does it make the most sense for me to claim once per month? These fees seems high to me. Tnx.

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