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Cointelegraph article:

Corda Nodes Explained

XDC Rich L

Cointelegraph XDC: 10:26

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  1. hodl XRP since 2018 and now will start filling a bag with XDC and just wait a few years

  2. What is difference between xinfin and xdc?do I buy xinfin or xdc?or is xdc the name of the coin to buy?

  3. Should I still buy xdc?is it tapped now?I see it's gone up in one year from .0003 to .07 cents now..would it be smart to invest?

  4. Since WeAreXDCFamily i have just subscribed to your channel from Italy. Keep going bro! Ciao

  5. Can you do a video on how to store your XDC off the exchanges please I can't figure out how to put it on my ledger nano

  6. I bought a nice bag back at .00055 Bet all those sellers are kicking themselves right now

  7. Is XDC deflationary in anyway? Is there going to be a limited supply or are coins burned at any time? If not then that will put a downwards pressure on the maximum price it can ever achieve.

  8. XDC WILL GET A MUCH HIGHET PRICE THAN XRP. Yes it can reach 1000k per coin in 5 years. Longterm hodl

  9. Dave my go to for XDC you da man Dave! Thank you for always updating us. Your literally the only one!

  10. Hopefully Uphold and coinbase along with BinanceUS will start listing #XDC. Great video and thank you.

  11. Beware of scammers in the comment section. I do not give out personal information.

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