WP-Visualize lets customers see themselves with your products!
Boost sales, reduce bounce times and increase website & social media engagement.


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  1. Sell more by helping your customers visualize
  2. Installed and setup in just a few minutes
  3. Works on mobiles, touchscreens and computers

Customers want to see what it will look like – Boost Engagement, SEO & Sales.

  • Visualizing color and model of air-conditioner
  • Visualizing fashion or clothing
  • Visualizing home furnishings and art

Installing the Plugin
1. Locate the plugin via the wordpress plugin manager.
2. Once found, install the plugin.

Creating a ShortCode (In the Admin Dashboard)
1. Click on the “WP-Visualize tab”.
2. Navigate to the ShortCode creation section.
3. Fill out a name for your ShortCode, click the select images button and select some images and click create shortcode.

Copying a ShortCode (In the Admin Dashboard)
1. Click on the “WP-Visualize tab”.
2. Navigate to the ShortCode list section (Titled: ‘Your ShortCodes’).
3. Click the copy icon or highlight and copy the desired ShortCode.

Editing ShortCode images (In the Admin Dashboard)
1. Click on the “WP-Visualize tab”.
2. Navigate to the desired ShortCode.
3. Under the ‘Edit Images’ column, click the image icon. Upon exiting the images selection, your new image selection will be saved.

Deleting a ShortCode (In the Admin Dashboard)
1. Click on the “WP-Visualize tab”.
2. Navigate to your desired ShortCode.
3. In the far right column, click the trash icon.

Why use WP-Visualize in your business?

Simple. It helps you sell your products better.

What industries benefit from WP-Visualize?

E-commerce, building, Fashion, renovators, hair stylists, furniture, floor coverings … Basically if you have a website that deals with non-digital products or services, you have a use for WP-Visualize.
WP-Visualize is the first augmented reality sales tool that helps your customers envision how your products can be relevant to their needs and space.

Works nicely. Just what i need for my customers to see how my products will look in their home. Thank you.


It is really a great plugin.
When I used it the first time I was not sure how it will work? But it exceeded my expectation and now I must say it is awesome. I would like to say many many thanks to the author of this plugin and cheers for his great efforts.

Clients Love This!

I run a digital agency and have clients who are in the various retail businesses. Some sell clothes online, a few in blinds industry and some in the other industries – but mainly retail.

I have been recommending and installing WP Visualize for quite a few and they all love this plugin! It’s great that customers can easily try on their products. Also makes their business look very professional.

I love this plugin because it so easy to implement for clients. Works right out of the box and the support is excellent. Not to mention, quite fun to use to.

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“WP-Visualize” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Minor styling fix for Divi theme


Minor fix in admin panel tabs


Moved menu tabs from individual visualizations to unified menu
CSS default edits
Changed fix option to display/hide of frames
Fix to scale and resize


Minor improvement to user experience


Added numerous features including
Customize Visualize screen
Personalize logo
Customize button color
Add image save/download feature
Videos now in Vimeo


Minor bug fixes


File missing from trunk to tag version in


Added a series of call to action buttons allowing visitors to buy now, messenger chat, contact, sms, phone, make a booking, email and more. Improvements to UI and UX


Minor css class conflict with certain theme fixed.


Addition of minor features and UI tweaks.


Product images centered on adding to visualization.
Menu items styling updated.
minor Javascript performance enhancements.
Other more minor tweaks to styling and UX


Integrated Trigger Links
Added link previews
Improvements to activation and registration process
Minor bugs and fixes


Minor bug fix


Numerous UX and UI improvements
Ability for upgraded users to whitelable front end, incl hiding the powered by reference.
Change of edit menu functionality allowing more screen space and improved user experience.
Edits to button positioning.
Various styling and CSS improvements.
Check for Local Storage availability.
Added French and Spanish languages


Removed the need for local storage in plugin admin
Minor css and JS tweaks


Improvements to save function that renders screenshot


Localizations applied to Menus
Expanded and updated languages.
Added remove image backgrounds link to shortcodes screen


Updates to UI and UX
Undates to performance and JS functionalities
Buttons hidden during screenshots
Numerous styling improvements
More customizations for upgraded users
Activation process improvements


Minor bug fix


Added item cloning
Added product thumbnail labelling
Displaying attributes to enable image buttons
Minor Bug fixes and performance improvements
Minor CSS enhancements
Minor UI modifications to enhance look


Minor bug fix
Minor UI change


Minor bug fix


Save image upgraded


Improvements and minor fixes to UI, UX, customizations and white-labelling


Modal fix


Functionality improvements
Edits to Menu (placement, height and labels)


Performace improvements
Styling fixes


Major Upgrade


Moved CTA button


Minor error with Woocommerce and new products


Performance enhancements and Woocommerce/Wordpress route callback updates.


Admin labelling. Updates to registration and free access formatting and UX

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