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WooCommerce – Pardot Integration (Integrations)



WooCommerce – Pardot Integration plugin can integrates your WooCommerce Orders and Prospects with Pardot (Salesforce Pardot) as Prospects. Simply add/replace routinely Order as a Prospect into Pardot when add new order or replace Order in your website. Simply add/replace routinely Buyer as a Prospect into Pardot when Buyer add/replace/register in your website.


  • Mechanically add new WooCommerce Orders to Pardot as Prospects
  • Built-in WooCommerce Order routinely replace into Pardot as a Prospect when an Order replace in your website
  • Bulk Orders integration
  • Simply integrates WooCommerce Prospects to Pardot as a Prospects
  • Add/Replace routinely Prospects into Pardot when Buyer add/replace/register in your website
  • Bulk Prospects integration
  • Simply map your WooCommerce Order and Buyer fields to Pardot Prospect fields
  • Additionally, help Pardot customized fields.
  • Making buyer relationship administration easy
  • Integrates limitless WooCommerce Prospects and Orders

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