Wise Traditions podcast 286: The Covid-19 Vaccine: What You Need to Know

What do you need to know about the Covid-19 vaccine before getting in line for your shot? How does the new M-RNA vaccine technology work? What do the outcomes of the early trials suggest in terms of efficacy or risks? Dr. Bob Sears, the author of “The Vaccine Book” and co-founder of the non-profit Immunity Education Group, addresses these questions in today’s bonus episode.

He tells us which companies are developing the most likely covid-19 vaccine front runners, and what characterizes these vaccines. He also offers an overall risk/benefit analysis for the vaccines in the works to help each of us make an informed decision on whether or not to take this particular vaccine.

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  1. Please review the info in this episode in relation to Sally and Toms excellent Book "The Contagion Myth", it seems that the guest and host haven't read this, or rather I'm guessing the lovely host just didn't want to contradict or ask difficult questions. The whole episode was an exercise in understanding the mainstream nonsense and established "Facts" which fall down as false with a little light.

  2. Bells parsy… really he's going down that nonsense report… which has the same Gematria(gematriaNewsEffect) all over it… and is more of the scripted nonsense to confuse, sudoscience, or just lies and bull shit….

  3. I know some commentators view this as a poor interview, but I think it effective in pointing out the shortcomings regarding these vaccines and the studies shortcomings regarding their efficacy.

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  5. This isn’t a completely honest interview. Disappointed. Might as well be an add for the covid vax.

  6. So big pharma and politicians makes out with this deal. Once again citizens pay the price.

  7. Was the Pfizer placebo saline in the whole trial on all countries? I've read elsewhere that it was a meningitis vaccine…
    Let's explain relative to actual risk – the headline 95% is relative risk where the number of participants doesn't effect the result. It's a statistical con. The actual risk reduction is around 0.5% for getting slightly less symptoms. Explain in depth please as he just repeated the headline from a press release.

  8. 20:25 'if you are on 10 different meds then this vaccine might be right up your alley…' -WTF – you've just recommended people with multiple medical problems to take an experimental vaccine – CUT THIS BIT OUT NOW! What a guy…

  9. All vaccines are toxic. Nobody needs them. We need good nutrition not vaccines. Vaccines only put money in manufactures.

  10. I'm only a couple of minutes in and maybe you'll get to this but – how can we possibly have a vaccine for a virus that hasn't been isolated? Did you know that no virus has ever been proven to cause an illness? No virus has been remotely proven to cause the illness they call covid 19. Once you realise that then there is no possible benefit from a supposed vaccine for this. No possible benefit but huge risk.

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