Will vaccine passports revive tourism? | Inside Story

The European Union has unveiled a ‘digital green pass’ to help revive travel during the pandemic.

The app would allow people who’ve been vaccinated, tested negative or recovered from COVID-19, to move more freely within the 27-member bloc.

However, the World Health Organization says it’s too early, given the slow pace of vaccination in the EU and the rise in COVID-19 variants.

Is the idea too premature?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Ulrich Brueckner – Professor for European Studies, Stanford University in Berlin.

Alex Macheras – Aviation and Travel Analyst.

Muhammad Munir – Virologist and Lecturer in Biomedicine, Lancaster University.

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  1. In the meantime, a Belgian court has ruled on the Corona measures, lockdown, etc. In America, Texas is trying to wrestle from those measures. Masks go off, restrictions put to an end and what happens? The Corona cases are rapidly declining. It is much better this way. Look it up, it's present online, mainstream news. Funny how we let the puppeteers walk us on strings. In line.

  2. maybe(for-everyone-whether-had-vaccine-or-not-when-enter-airport-securtiy=pre=plane=plane-depart-etc-(to-sanitise-hands-in-front-of-stewards)parents-to=do-it-for-kids)and=carer-to-assist-disabled-traveller(maybe-more-showers-to-book/pay-at-airport(fresh-towels-separate-soaps-strict-cleaning-by-staff(every=40=mins=at=airport-a-tannoy-reminding-everyone='keep-space=wash=hands=regularly'MORE=POSTERS-TV-ADVERTS(MAYBE-A-RULE-EVERYONE-HAVE-A-COVID=TEST=AT=AIRPORT(get-there-earlier)or(A-FEW-MONTHS-BEFORE-TRAVEL)AS-WE-KNOW-SOME-CANNOT-HAVE-A-VACCINE-AND-SOME-WAITING-FOR-SUPPLY=OF-VACCINE

  3. THEY LIE ..SAY NO TO VACCINE PASSPORTS.. we should not sacrifice our freedom for a MESS OF POTTAGE .. .. A mess of pottage is something immediately attractive but of little value taken foolishly and carelessly, in exchange for something more distant and perhaps less tangible but immensely more valuable.

  4. Marian B.
    1 second ago
    I am in favour of cooperation in the sense that a government and its people should have an equal say in the design and practice of a pandemic-management. When everything revolves around life and survival. When that cannot immediately be a workable condition, from a practical point of view, at the moment when a government needs to take control when it comes down to the preservation of lives, I believe that it’s certainly possible now, in March 2021, to vote for such equality and put it into practice. That opportunity has not been taken up in our country, even though it’s a democratic principle.

    The statement, made in several government reports on a vaccine passport, that we, the common people, will regain our freedom by using such a passport, is in my view based on a misleading reasoning. For example: You take away the ice cream from a toddler without saying anything. The toddler is crying, does not understand and is looking bewildered with a tearful face. Then you give the ice cream back and as all parents understand, the child looks at you, cheerful and happy again. Because the ice cream has returned, and you took care of it. That's all the toddler can instinctively handle. Do you follow me? A toddler cannot yet understand that you unfairly took away that ice cream without saying anything.

    I believe that many of us, world-citizens, have become stuck in that toddler-phase. Humanity’s freedom of movement, touch, work, being with loved ones dying, is jeopardized. It’s an injustice similar to the way the toddler is treated, when his ice-cream is taken away without explanation. The conditions in which a large part of humanity has lost its freedom have been and are being created by external authorities, who have drawn up such a plan, not WITH the citizens but FOR the citizens. Are there even higher authorities present behind the global stage doors, instructing the WHO, the CDC, the governments and leaders of nations all over the world?

    All nations’ citizens had nothing to say and has had to follow what they were told, do you see what I mean? Fines need to be paid when citizens disobey the regulations, such as in social distancing, or the wearing of a facemask. Look at the fines established in Britain, they’re incredibly high.

    It’s a false argument to suggest that we regain our freedom, with a vaccine passport. Think a bit further, imagine how humanity breaks in two groups, separated by this decision to introduce a vaccine-passport and make it a law. To my mind, and heart, it is impossible to take away the freedom of individual people, or an entire population, unless it is a criminal offense. Injustice.

    I think the result of top-down policies in today's pandemic management, in fact, in all forms of decision-making, when living conditions of citizens are concerned, it’ll always lead to sabotage-attempts, protest marches, and other forms of civil disobedience. We see that happening all over the world. It is a psychological effect that always shows up in the history of mankind.

    Why? The human right to freedom of speech and movement is related to the law of evolution. To the essence of growth, of life, of nature, which cannot be suppressed or taken away. Life is an ever moving, an ever flowing river of creative potentialities.

    And there, I believe, life itself, beyond all human control, will show its own laws. About which we’ll have nothing to say. It is very important, immensely valuable for our future, to be aware of our own motives and drives, our own actions.
    This I believe.

    This quote is from a man with deep insight and wisdom, I think.
    “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterou and its speaker a raving lunatic. The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims”.
    James Dresden.

  5. Tourism and freedom to do what you want without government permission will revive tourism

  6. No, that won't work. Countries that make a living thru tourism will not be able to grow without the regular incoming tourism. I don't know why they keep trying to push it. The airlines won't be able to stay afloat either. Let it go.


  8. This is utterly BS. These criminals are coming up with this BS proof of vaccination certificate to take peoples freedoms away and discriminate against those who do not want to get vaccinated and people are falling for it.

  9. Historically we have no-black restaurants, public places, and back of the bus. History repeats itself, now we have no-vaccinated people restrictions. Discrimination to the fullest.

  10. Anyone who attempts to shoot me with this Satanic poison will be shot full of lead!

  11. By demanding a vaccine passport you're saying mask don't work at all. WHO website says there's no "approved" vaccine, the vaccine going around does NOT prevent the virus it only gives you a 66% chance of lessening the server symptoms. Why is this being pushed? It DOES NOT prevent anything and not everyone has even gotten sick… even though the virus has a 98% recovery rate…. do the math on that. 66% chance of less severe symptoms… think about that!

  12. Boycott any and all business that require a "Vaccine Passport" even if you do get vaccinated .. Useless you wanna help split society even more…. Airlines can easily have vaccinated and non- vaccinated flights they just don't want to … And they shouldn't be getting anymore ( payoffs ) I mean bailouts for running of their own customers ….either

  13. Wow they openly push this evil idea against humanity. Jail these criminals immediately.

  14. As a business I refuse to allow people who are gay and don't have personal health information proving they are on Prep to eat at my restaurant in case of HIV. You must also be on an anti malaria drug if you can't prove partial or full sickle cell anemia. If your trans, your allowed, you just can't eat the weiners or the pie and must sit six feet away so people don't feel uncomfortable.

  15. Stand against Surveillance Capitalism, against big tech Robotics "Nanny State", against the destruction of UK, US & super-power-economies, stand against the dominance manipulative lobbies and its administration that want to enslave you & rule the world. Stand against the Robotic "DNA"- don't be deprived from your rights. Stay strong, focused & fight the inflated inhumane robotic shadows

  16. The cryptic true meaning of COVID-19 that the fake media and government have been hiding from the public from day 1.

    Eventually, they have proven that conspiracy theorist/ truth seekers were all right from day 1

    This ajeezera report validate it.

    C = Certificate

    O= Of

    V= Vaccination

    ID = IDentification

    1 = A= Artificial

    9= I = Intelligence

    The 19 represent the RFID chip that eventually be place on the body after they have injected you with their poison aka vaccine.

    As you can see, this have NOTHING to do with virus

  17. All need to stand strong against this vaccine passport. Block all check-in stands of all travel venues.

  18. Why a vaccine passport. Why not a covid test passport instead. We have sports professionals travelling around the world to compete without restrictions. But us public need a vaccine passport.

  19. I can understand the need for confirmation that you don't have the virus for international travel like you already do for a lot of other illnesses, but to have such a thing domestically is disgusting and reminds me of the old days of the USSR where you needed your papers on you at all times. It's not the business of any private company what my medical history is!

    I would rather wait a few more months in lockdown than give up my freedom for "convenience". Additionally, this will inevitably last years, they aren't going to wind down a scheme like this in the next few months, let's be honest.

    Mission creep has been a constant factor in this pandemic, as soon as they meet one criterion, they create another and then another.

  20. This is exactly what they planned several years ago. They said (many scientists, whistleblowers with some being killed (one of them was the friend of Rothschild) we gonna get chipped and vaccinated , full control. So we have no other choice but to accept whatever they will decide. Otherwise we can't pay, use bank, go shopping, travel.

    I'm scared, since this came true…

  21. First of all COVID-19 vaccines needs to prove to be a successful combatant tool.
    At the moment the current governmental issued vaccines is facing backlash. With those vaccinated, claiming to experience blood clots and other side effects.

    I can see how brands create illusions such as being invincible, relatable with being joyous, adding a sense of sophistication by using certain products.
    With the vaccine, certain government departments want to attribute "freedom" and " wellbeing" illusions when it comes to carrying around a vaccine passport in your back pocket!

    This world is just an illusion!

  22. The vaccine passport is useless to be applied due to could not guarantee prevent transmission.

  23. This vax doesn’t even prevent transmission, this whole issue of requiring it in groups etc. is redundant.

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