Will travel be possible this summer with the EU’s Digital Green Certificate?

“No, I do not think that Europe is losing the battle of vaccines. I think there is a lot of noise around the European vaccination programme”. – Margaritis Schinas, Vice President of the EU Commission, tells all about the Digital Green Certificate, travel and the EU vaccination process.


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  1. I absolutely refuse to ever take a PCR Test or a Vaccine. If this means that I cannot travel internationally, then I will never travel internationally again unfortunately

  2. This is outrageous, and the legislation is being rushed through today. Very sneaky, forceful and controlling.

  3. I hope they work things out by the summer. I plan on vacationing in Europe in August.

  4. What if someone recovered from corona but did not document that. I am ashamed being a european. Third reich, should change the european flag for swastica.

  5. Meanwhile 460 deaths and 243,612 injuries from Covid-19 AVCCINE Astra Zeneca in the UK alone. Not to mention many people developed Blood clots. Still want to play this Russian roulette? I have a better chances for survival catching coronovirus.

  6. Vaccine Passports are anti human this is third Reich methods! RESIST!!!

  7. URGENT jihadist threat in DRC: KABILA implements Boko Haram and Mujahedin Somali in the east of the country The DRC is a country very rich in minerals, we live very, very badly, misery upon misery, we become beggars in your countries! we are humiliated in all countries because of white Westerners in complicity with our corrupt leaders, a small poor country like Rwanda threatens us never seen! because of our minerals! our suffering is our wealth

  8. Sounds like the union is setting up concentration camps out of the specifics of the Spanish American war.

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