Widgets for Opentable Reviews

Display your Opentable reviews for free with our responsive widgets in 2 minutes.

The plugin displays your Opentable reviews in amazing predesigned widgets. You can simply create and display your own widgets, and filter your reviews to build customers’ trust and increase SEO.

Free plugin features

  • Free usage
  • Display of 5 Opentable reviews
  • 7 Widget layouts
  • 9 Pre-designed widget styles
  • 1 Review widget
  • Review filtering
  • Language support
  • Shortcode integration
  • Keep all reviews in a WordPress database
  • SEO boost
  • Dark website support
  • Site builder support
  • Zero loading time
  • Use in any page builder: Gutenberg, Elementor, Page Origin, Beaver Builder, WPBakery, Divi

Get more features with our professional review software

Create a free account for more features!

  • Display all reviews: Google, Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, Tripadvisor,, AirBnb,, …
  • Display of mixed reviews
  • 13 Widget layouts
  • Total design personalization
  • Unlimited number of widgets
  • Management of multiple businesses
  • Professional review tagging system
  • Widgets are updated when you receive a new review
  • Widget link modification
  • Edit review order
  • Review shortening
  • Automated review invitation system
  • Review widgets for your email signatures
  • Shortcode & HTML/JavaScript support
  • Detailed statistics
  • Priority support

Create a free account for more features!

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Plugin available in the following languages:
English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the menu item on the left to configure the plugin.
  4. You can get PRO functions by registering in Trustindex on the “Log in” tab!

Is the Plugin Free?

Yes! You can use Trustindex WordPress plugins for free. It has a basic functionality, which are perfect for small merchants, services…

If you need more functions (more platforms, automatic review collecting, managing reviews, displaying reviews in one place, email signature, etc.), create a free account on Trustindex. (But you can use our professional widgets without subscription -for free- only 7 days.)

What can I set in the free plugin?

You can select a template and a style for your review widget’s appearance. There is a review filter and you can skip ratings (reviews without texts…). The free plugin also supports languages and internationalization: changing (or hiding) footer texts and date formats are also available!

Can I use (only) the free plugin if I don’t want to subcribe to Trustindex?

Yes, sure!

I don’t have any Opentable reviews yet, what can I do?

You can create review-requesting campaigns easily in Trustindex if you create a free account. Also there are some useful stuff in our blog.

Why Opentable reviews are better than a simple review collected by myself?

Reviews collected by Opentable are much more reliable than feedbacks from a private uncontrollable source. You can increase SEO, trust and sales using Opentable reviews.

“Widgets for Opentable Reviews” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Content: Verified review text changed to Verified
  • Translation: Portuguese, Russian.


  • New feature: Connect review platform by Google Search URL or Google Maps URL.
  • Translation: Norwegian, Polish.
  • Bugfix: Fixing Trustpilot’s empty ID issue.


  • Translation: Italian, Swedish.
  • Content: Some review widgets changed.
  • Content: Rate us tab re-added.
  • Content: Simplified tab structure.


  • Translation: German, Spanish, French.
  • Bugfix: more available Google Place IDs.


  • New feature: Minor changes to meet WordPress requirements.
  • Bugfix: Solution for Google Place ID’s “_” character.


  • Optimization: Document onload issue workaround.
  • Optimization: Connect Google without Google API Key.


  • New feature: Javascript fix for slower WP sites.


  • New feature: Google Place ID finder.
  • Content: New design for some tabs.
  • Content: Changed plugin promo: Expedia.
  • Bugfix: Store design settings after new review downloading.


  • New feature: Connect Tripadvisor profiles by URL.
  • Bugfix: default value verified badge.
  • Bugfix: Rate us page translation.


  • Translation: Hungarian.
  • New feature: dark themes got fancier platform (Facebook, Google, etc…) logos.
  • New feature: Option to hide reviewers’ photo from review widgets.
  • New feature: Handling Google Place IDs.
  • Bugfix: Eliminating some typos.


  • New feature: Package helper to exactly know that your review widgets are working or not.
  • New design: Improved style.
  • Bugfix: PHP bugfix about connecting Facebook platform to get its reviews.


  • Bugfix: Text modifications.


  • Bugfix: Widget size modifications.


  • New feature: URL helper when connect.
  • Content: New setup help texts.


  • New feature: Troubleshooting (refreshing database, and review widget styles).
  • New feature: Review list (check your reviews).
  • Optimization: Decreased Plugin sizes.


  • New feature: Introduction of 10-point scale of review in some cases (,, Foursquare, …).


  • New feature: Reload/refresh reviews.
  • Content: End of review promo in some platforms: Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb …
  • Content: Changed plugin promo: Thumbtack.


  • New feature: CSS classnames became unique.
  • Content: Widget renamings.
  • Content: Changed plugin promo: Capterra.


  • New feature: Show verified icons.
  • New feature: Enable animation.
  • New feature: Show navigation arrows.
  • Content: New review collecting discount.


  • Content: Forever free mode emphased.
  • Content: New F.A.Q.
  • Bugfix: layout_id casting problems are solved.


  • New feature: Mouse hover animation in review widgets.
  • New feature: Recommendation support in Facebook.


  • New feature: Amazon multiple domain support.
  • Content: Minify on source codes.
  • Content: Changed plugin promo: Bookatable
  • Bugfix: Sanitizing user inputs.


  • Content: Changed plugin promo: Foursquare.
  • Bugfix: plugin input placeholder changed.
  • Bugfix: Remove warning notices.


  • New feature: Facebook recommendation icon.
  • Optimization: Amazon,, Opentable.
  • Content: Changed plugin promo: Foursquare.
  • Bugfix: Google profile searching.


  • Bugfix: Eliminating some typos.
  • Bugfix: “Show only ratings” feature is now clearer.


  • New feature: Backward compatibility for older PHP versions.
  • Content: minor mods in default widget styles.
  • Bugfix: Request for review is responsible now.


  • Bugfix: Eliminating some typos.


  • New feature: Minor improvements.
  • Content: Changed plugin promo.


  • Bugfix: Some recommendations (ie.:Facebook) has no rating value.


  • Content: New readme texts.


  • New feature: Added cache to business page finder.
  • New feature: More friendly ‘ask for review’ popups. Please help us to grow with adding a positive review! Thank you in advance!
  • Content: Screencast added to readme and to help tab also.
  • Bugfix: JS error on Facebook connecting.


  • Bugfix: font loading issue.
  • Bugfix: CSS loader issue (style and layout selecting).


  • New feature: Request for review.
  • New feature: Connect Trustindex account.
  • Bugfix: Toggle Widget shortcode in connected panel.


  • Content: New assets, changed plugin promo.


  • New feature: Custom WordPress file structure is now supported.
  • Content: Changed plugin promo.



  • New feature: Multi-language widget-text variations and dates.


  • Bugfix: PHP7.4 solution of plugin differences.


  • Change feature: Star filter.
  • Bugfix: Class loader optimization.


  • Content: More demonstrative review widgets in example sections.


  • Content: More purposeful descriptions about Review widget usage.


  • Bugfix: Multiple plugin usage collision.


  • Bugfix: Filter styling
  • Bugfix: Width change when narrow widgets selected.


  • New feature: Style selector.


  • New feature: Improved communication with Facebook platfrom.



  • New feature: Setup guide divided into 3 sections for faster Facebook and Trustindex setup.


  • New feature: Simplified setup to integrate Facebook reviews and recommendations easily.
  • New feature: Added Trustindex prices tab.
  • New feature: Minor changes to meet WordPress requirements.


  • New feature: You can use this plugin without any registration. Easier review integratation: no need to API-s, technical skills, Facebook apps, and so on…
  • New feature: New design.
  • New feature: New setup guide.


  • New feature: Editor (TinyMCE) button has arrived. Integrate your review widget from the editor’s toolbar with two click!


  • New feature: Changed design.


  • New feature: Added help text.


  • New feature: Added setup guide.


  • New feature: Changed layout for easier clarity.


  • New feature: Widget for reviews added.
  • New feature: New admin menu structure.


  • New feature: More secured plugin.


  • Introduce: It makes Trusindex integration easier!

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