Why the UK blamed Apple for its failed COVID-19 tracing app

Disagreements with Apple and Google have plagued the development of a contact tracing app in the UK.

The government was forced to apologise to Apple after the Health Secretary blamed the company for refusing to change its system.

Meanwhile, countries like Germany, Japan, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland are on track to roll out contact tracing apps developed to comply with tech company rules.

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  1. why are they being so dumb apple didn't create the app and they blame it on apple because apple is a big company with huge amount of business income i see uk are after their money LOL

  2. Apple is own by China has good as they provide 90 percent of the apple part's so good luck on that as for Google there working with the Deep State.

  3. Apple has been sending viruses to people's laptops, I had to factory reset mines… And when I went to fix the device they wanted to test for covid before seeing the technician.. I immediately left, and had my 2cents moment… #boycottApple

  4. I'm curious when is Our government gonna show and represent the British people and get a backbone

  5. I think the real issue is that the app is simply data gathering & spying/monitoring technology under the guise of helping people.
    Governments & politics is a system/order that enables the rich to enslave the poor peasantry masses while also parasitically feeding off the poor.
    Registering to vote sends them the justification of believing they have the right to rule over the masses, as the rich look down on the poor as like animals.
    “An-archy” Greek – English “No-rulers”.
    “No one rules if no one obeys” – Lao Tzu
    Stop obeying!

  6. Media clips always play clips of some guys in contaminated gloves shoving some (contaminated) stick up the noses of the public. Its revolting.

  7. Cummings App stole personal data , something he's now setting up in Downing street to aid his cheating in the next election

  8. Don't mislead People, and let them think "oh apple is so secure blabla even government can't access apples data or whatever ppl is/will be thinking after watching this report" people don't be fool if government ment wants track u or get in to ur phone Google and Apple or whatever other big company who makes it seem like No1 else in the world can access ur data is ABSOLUTELY BS! Because government can access ur data anytime they like. All these lies they tell it's just drama

  9. Well why would they need to track me I haven’t left my home or been within 2 metres distance of people for over 3 months..?

  10. i wouldnt install such an "app" anyway. just another way to gain peoples data and locations and whatnot to resell it on black market…

  11. They dont want to track and trace covid 19 thats just the excuse
    They want to track and trace u u silly billy

  12. The British public are so trusting, they will listen to any gung-ho story. Their politicians know this and continue to announce dramatic breakthroughs that never materialize ,and they do this because they know they will never be held to account. Thus the apology to Apple was kept under wraps from the public who would believe anything Matt Hancock said and accept any excuse for not delivering. Does anyone remember 'herd immunity', survivors 'antibodies' and, not least the 20,000 anticipated deaths? Not to worry: everything will be back to normal by Christmas and there really IS a Santa Claus.

  13. I just had to rage-quit the Sky News – to quote Der-mutt: the "untrusted" bimbo of UK live news media with "a brainless agenda" – live stream again… Change your leadership Sky News… before its too late. Tiresome.

  14. Apple, Microsoft and Google are multinational players. Like it or not, none will ever change their systems to accommodate an app. App writers have to write their programs to fit the systems.
    Expecting anything else is either abject ignorance or pathetic excuse-seeking, or both.

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