Why are so few Canadians using the COVID-19 alert app?

It has been more than two months since the Canadian government launched COVID Alert, Canada’s novel coronavirus-exposure app, but federal data obtained by Global News shows very few Canadians are using the voluntary COVID-19 app.

Just five of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories have officially adopted it, and about 10 per cent of smartphone users have downloaded it. In Ontario, just four per cent of people with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis have logged their test results since the app was launched on July 31.

Global News investigates why the app is not as effective as it could be in slowing down the spread of the novel coronavirus in Canada.

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  1. They should have published the source code so the app could be publicly scrutinized .

    If people want to use the app and are afraid of it stealing data then I would suggest using an old phone that has been completely erased and installing only that app on the second phone. The second phone doesn't need a data plan, just connect to wifi when you return home or at a hotspot and it will upload the exposure data.

    I wouldn't; worry though…from what I personally have seen Social Media apps leak a LOT more personally identifiable or "trackable" data then the alert app.

  2. Probably cause people are sick and tired from the government sticking the nose into everyone business

  3. I love how they say we're in a second wave of yet to see a first wave.

    I'm starting to think it's a computer TV and phone virus cuz I only see it on my social media when I go outside I don't see it

  4. Well, I don't need to worry about this, given that I don't have a cell phone and am not going to get one anytime soon. I wouldn't have much use at all for one of these anyway and am quite content with my fully corded residential/landline phone.

  5. Why is there jingley background music playing? Is this an advertisement or a report? Is the purpose to entrain us into making this a happy topic? Maybe I think too much…

  6. Do not trust a Liberal government who were going into peoples bank account to see how much money they have. This government is so unethical only a fool could trust them with anything. No way will I download this app.

  7. Good luck with the app. Alot of seniors either don't have a phone, don't have a modern phone or don't know how to expertly use one. People not in major regions wont bother. Not everyone has data on their plans or room for space on their phone. Some people just go to work and home. Some just work from home. Everyone knew months ago that schools reopening would spike cases and alot of younger kids dont own a phone. We have heard so much flip flopping that I'm sure some just say screw it. They were told 6ft and masks with sanitizing hands were enough. I get the purpose but I think we would have better luck shutting down borders earlier. This app just has so many hurdles and quite frankly its NOT the solution. This app should NOT be relied on to slow covid. Other countries have been successful without tracing apps.

  8. Just report these videos as "spam or misleading". MSM shouldn't be able to get away with misleading titles or "news" 4.

  9. It is very odd that there are people who believe that the Government of Canada has the capacity, expertise, and the funding to track anyone, when they can't even put together the most basic interface for online tax returns without getting hacked. The Government of Canada doesn't even own, let alone operates a supercomputer, so it can't possibly collate, analyze, and track its citizens, like the Chinese and American governments can. When it comes to tracking its citizens, Canada is only one step up from Nigeria or India.

  10. Why does an elected government feel they have the right to force amber alerts on us? When you answer that you'll know why we don't download government apps. Of any kind at any time for any purpose.

  11. Is it a reporting problem of user’s or are Canadians simply reluctant to adopt new technologies? Tracking technology is a controversial trend. On one aide it has numerous benefits for what it is designed for, on the other hand, do Canadians struggle with adopting tracking technologies where their daily lives can be tracked and stored? Well, I do think the majority already have done this in trade of convenience of other mobile technologies, yet cling to ignorance for that sake of nifty little gadgets. Adopting an app that bluntly implies tracking threatens to pop that bubble of ignorance. Do freedoms really go out the window with tracking tech or do more freedoms get secured with tech? We have a history of slowly adopting tech. Microwaves and Instapots are technologies that do in turn create freedom. Washing machines, coffee machines, also create freedom. Children’s television create freedom for busy parents, but all these things are easy to understand why, but hand over a tracking app with Canada stamped at the top and we step into nerve-racking territory of a new kind of society and a unfamiliar democracy.

  12. Everyone puts all their info on Facebook now anyways, Government has your info regardless. I don't see why people think this is intrusive at all.

  13. Maybe more would use the app if it was available outside Ontario and Quebec. Just a thought. Secondly most don't trust the government.

  14. Because many of us in school read the book Orwell 1984. The app seems too ‘big brother’-ish to me.

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