WHO chief warns of 'catastrophic moral failure' on COVID-19 vaccine rollout

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Opening the 148th session of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Executive Board, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday warned of the moral consequences of the lack of COVID-19 vaccines for poorer countries, saying that higher-income countries are privileged compared to developing countries. #WHO #Coronavirus

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  1. Didn't the WHO know about this virus when it first started and hadn't spread? When did we finally find out about it? It was after they called it a pandemic, right? It had to meet the criteria before it could be called that. The thing is, we still could have been warned. We could have been taking precautions. Why is he talking to the general public about moral failure anyway? It's not like we control any of it.

  2. Don't take the gene theraoy,
    it's not a vaccine. It's experimental gene therapy!!! for a flu with 98.9 % recovery rate.

  3. People see right through you history will be the judge. Silence the docs that treat push the bigpharm profits cut back personal freedom. No respect no trust who, cdc all in one basket.

  4. Who's this guy?
    Can he speak some decent English!?
    What's he talking about : failor??
    I guess that word goes for all mankind!!

  5. CGTN — when will CGTN & CCTV reporters & directors have
    the GUT & BRAVERY … to report and tell the truth on … PFIZER vaccines.

    — Pfizer vaccines have been KILLING & Paralyzing …
    … more than 10 recipients worldwide ??

    Yes, that PFIZER vaccines which are created by the MURICAN nation
    as the nation with the most advanced Life Sciences on Earth.

  6. Why his angry, already many people died after having the vaccine and many more are damaged for life and many end up with COVID 19 after having the vaccine, or maybe his angry because he wanted to direct the killing, do you thinks the united nations agenda 21 is not related, or do you thinks world health organization doesn't know about the agenda and who is behind it, they all involved and they know its all a plandemic but pretending to know, the united nations agenda 21 was signed by every nations in the world to reduce world population to %25 maximum with in ten years, do you thinks W.H.O doesn't know the role of the Bill & Melinda Gates populations control foundations in this all mess, they all are involved and they playing with humanity.

  7. Why isn't Tedros gone after being caught lying and on CCP payrolll as well as their mouthpiece?

    WHO not serious in giving the real picture and obviously an organisation that is given BIG money for nothing…… Swamp creatures.

  8. Is this narcissistic psychopath not in jail yet. Hope he goes to hell (literally) and soon with the rest of the Gates Club!

  9. the old people have been left to die because hospitals are at full capacity while a bunch of retards want freedom and refuse to stay at home in lock down while Trumpies think COVID is fake, thats the western value on display

  10. Covid 19 will not be transmitted human to human. – WHO . People from china should be allow to travel to all parts of the world.

  11. Many western nations esp, UK, are boasting that they had managed to secure the lion's share of the vaccines before other poorer countries. They are even boasting that they have kicked the ladder from under them after they have scaled the heights. Some morality!

  12. This is what happens when there is no humanity left in this world. Who is doing wrong now ? Who is letting the people die ? Who is responsible ?

  13. The developed countries never had moral value in the first place. Their wealth were from colonization, occupation and invasion of other countries. Now they are pushing so called democracy s9 they can use money to control politicians when they need for more profit without losing lives.





    UK = 89,860 China = 4,635 (x19) II US 408,620 China 4,635 (x88).

    NO VACCINE & NO COVID = Taiwan 7 and New Zealand 25.

    Vaccines from Belgium, China, Russia, UK and India. US Warp speed ?

  16. US Warp speed distribution is slower than the 1947 US Small Pox vaccinations.

    China and India are sending rockets to the moon and Mars while US hip hop is tired after 40 years.

    Germans are still teased about Nazis today. US troops (38K) are still stationed there 75 years later.

    Americans not just MAGATs will be teased for being simple-minded in 2095 !

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