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Full NBC News NOW Coronavirus Coverage – April 20 | NBC News Now


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  4. I don't mean to be insensitive to this pandemic and people suffering BUT the women at 4:30 is so gorgeous! Lucky guy sitting next to her….

  5. Gave all the money to the banks & stock market – trillions as usual – relieve our mortgages – give money from the bottom up – not the top down cause it is NOT even trickling down! CCP has obviously declared war – it just got out sooner than they planned cause they wanted to start the virus in US! The people who are ignoring COVID-19 have their heads in the sand – this is a horrible sickness and you won't be yelling to stop quarantine if you got even a mild case.

  6. I mean the virus isn’t nearly as deadly as they think USC did a study and just in LA county 200,000 to 400,000 thousand people have had the virus yet only 600 died that’s way lower then we originally thought

  7. It doesn't look like a party at the beaches. It looks like a mental health retreat for so many who have only summers to look forward to during long winters and transitional falls and spring.

  8. Americans are FREE to be obese. FREE to get COVID19. But NOT free to spread it to others. The reason more death of younger people in America than in North Italy = OBESITY

  9. If they were black they would call it a riot. Unbelievable!!! Trump doesn't care about y'all he's just thinking about getting reelected. These people are the dumbest ever and you realize that fact during your funeral. Do they realize the longer you stay at home the better chance of the government giving you $2,000 a month. Idiots!!!!

  10. In 3 days, 5 infected Navy Cadets in Taiwan, just may infect over 200,000 people and over 5000 thousand business shut down across 4 cities. Over 800 people have to stay home for 14 days.
    After graduation date, and isolated on the ship for 6 days, these 5 Cadets went home and got sick again and test positive again.

  11. It is not a personal decision. Because it you get coronas virus, it affect your family , your neighbor, your co-worker and doctors and nurses and you the business you contact with.

  12. 4 weeks at home and Trump people cant take it anymore. Whose the snowflakes now? Bunch of idiots.

  13. Facebook Written by Thuy Trang Nguyen April 12, 2020. AFTER THE 3 MONTHS TO FIND HUMAN DISEASE.

    From the time when Wuhan in China and the world thought that Wuhan made breathing difficult and short of breath due to lung infections, everyone focused on curing symptoms such as Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or Pneumonia because The two symptoms are quite similar – And both of these symptoms require a ventilator.

    Just two days ago, data from New York doctors gathered to give all the data, data to treat it to know all patients with Wuhan have Oxygen loss in red blood cells and this is a symptom of Hypoxemia. Hypoxemia disease is a Wuhan disease that causes red blood cells to lose oxygen, causing damage to the heart that US doctors in the past 2 days have understood this disease is similar to high altitude, asthma or heart disease.

    Doctors in New York now know that Wuhan causes Hypoxemia, there will be a more accurate treatment direction – In the past, everyone was confused, everyone guessed that Wuhan caused ARDS or Pneumonia.

    Chinese doctors have to say it's too bad – all the data is about treating ARDS and Pneumonia, causing the world to run out of breath, and every country cured by ARDS or Pneumonia causes many deaths because The reason is that the ventilator opens up too much pressure in the patient's lungs, and the high pressure has forced CO2 CO2 into the bloodstream making it more dangerous for the patient.

    Now that American doctors understand that Wuhan patients with Hypoxemia should treat it this way and that the Ventilator will be adjusted to the right pressure, within a few days the death rate will drop to low. .

    Thuy Trang won no work from anyone – 4 days ago, I said this and sent a report to the Ministry of Health to review the correct treatment because wrong use of Ventilator pressure caused too many deaths and a number of other doctors also voiced their voices in common, so now we have a clear, accurate cure to save lives.

    Hydroxylchloroquine is very effective in treating Wuhan in the meantime – Many people die not because Hydroxylchloroquine is not effective but because the BV uses protocal ventilator machine improperly, causing death.

    Now that American hospitals know that Hypoxemia they will treat it this way – that is, let the patient breathe through a mask rather than inserting a breathing tube into the lungs — hope and hope that the number of deaths will diminish and that America will soon return to normal faster.


    (*) Who wants to throw stones at me, curses at the fake doctor – But in fact, I am one of the leading doctors in changing the way to treat Wuhan in the way that the United States is following and the world will follow. … If we save a lot of people and get stoned a lot, I will still laugh at the day of the Resurrection …

  14. If it opens up and you dont want it to stay at home..when people die take there jobs..if you dont die of starvation..if you want hand outs go to Venezuela or self identify as illegal

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