Vechain adopted by ITC hotels in India for MyCare

Vechain adopted by ITC hotels in India for MyCare

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  1. @Cryptocurrency News maybe I don understand something, in the same time when VET gets new partnerships the price is still going down. How it’s possible?

  2. Id say eventually most if not all reputable hotels will have some sort of covd tracking system. Hopefully they all use vechain. Perhaps it will be compuslory too.

  3. Love VET love the show Bob, thanks for keeping us updated about your favorite projects (mos of which are my favorite projects also).

  4. The only issue I see here is that some countries like India , USA , UK might not be too keen to add data to chinese blockchains . Just a risk

  5. Bob, can you clarify this confusion in me :
    VeChain came up with 2 coin theory cuz client wants stable price for the tnxs, hence Vtho was created.
    Many say, demand for Vtho increases price of VET…How is this ?
    Here Vtho is burned, and not VET.
    VET continously produces Vtho which ultimately get burned due to tnxs, but VET wont get burned.Hence supply of VET stays the same at 87B.
    Price increases only when supply keeps on reducing and demand increases.
    How is that VET price will increase ?
    VET might be producing Vtho but supply of VET wont get reduced.
    How will price increase ?
    1 VET keeps on producing 0.000432 Vtho and this cycle repeats without this 1 VET getting burned or reducing from 87B supply.
    Asked ppl on twitter, but none responded and few responded but didnt get satisfactory answer.
    Can you pleasd explain me how VET price will increase ?

  6. 5999 indian rupees = $80 / night
    There are suits worth 5000$ per night under ITC hotels especially in Rajastan and other north indian places

  7. I've been going crazy holding myself from not selling my VET for XRP. Is Vechain going to pump soon or should I do the trade?

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