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Vanilla Gallery File Manager (Media)

The VanillaGallery plugin provides a lightweight, simple, highly customizable image picker, media gallery and file manager/image manager.

It is designed to be easily integrated into your webapp, and for simple implementations it comes with a ready-to-use PHP backend.

Key features:
List files/images from your filesystem OR a virtual filesystem provided by your own backend
Organize your files into a directory tree structure
Manage files (edit, move, delete)
Filter on what types of files to display (directories, images, movies, audio, easily add your own types!)
Search your gallery by filename, filter the output as above
Really simple css, easy to customize
File picker (populate a form field of your choice with the id/path of the clicked file)
Smooth workflow – gallery updates on upload, so you can upload a file and instantly use it.
Optional image thumb for faster loading
Multiple instances of galleries with individual settings working independently

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