US Citizenship Interview Practice 2021 during COVID and Same-Day Oath Ceremony | N-400 application

This is based on an actual applicant’s US naturalization interview experience and it addresses a few common asked questions such as expired green card, traveling after submitting the application, change of answers and more.
It also show a sample of a same-day oath ceremony.

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This is based on a viewer’s actual citizenship interview experience during the pandemic.
We chose to share this example since she ran into some common issues that are helpful to review.
The applicant had an expired green card. Her application also had some errors and she needed to make some updates to her application such as travel history.
Lastly, this interview will also contain a same-day oath ceremony, so make sure to watch until the end!
There are two interview formats now.
One is through a plexiglass shield. Both of you and the Interviewer will be in the same room. This interview is based on this format.
The other option is through a virtual meeting. You will be alone in one room and the Officer will be in a separate room. The interview will be conducted through a computer or a tablet.
You can find the interview format here:

0:00 Introduction
0:55 Security
3:48 Customer service
4:53 Interview
20:05 Oath ceremony
25:09 Test your interview skill

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  1. Long time i like to be a us citizen but its hard for me to memorize the128 question ive been here in hawaii for more than 15 years im not good in memorization thats why im scared to apply my citizenship how can i be a us citizen

  2. Why some people doesn’t take the oath ceremony on the same day after you passed the interview

  3. So during the round where the interviewer was going through the application, will they confirm the answers for all the questions in the form ?? Or will they just go over some basic questions like name and address ??

  4. I’m so excited, I passed my citizenship interview today. Thank you very much for all your team’s efforts to make a great videos. They’re really helpful.

  5. Thank you so much for your help! I just passed my interview 30 minutes ago and these videos definitely helped me. I recommend them to everyone who needs to study for their citizenship interview!

  6. I’m scheduled for interview on the 26th of January 2021… I’m more nervous than excited. I fervently pray that I’d nail it. Thank you for this video, it gives me idea on what to expect during the interview.

  7. Thank you so much. This video really helped a lot. I have my interview in a couple of weeks. Thanks again.

  8. Do I need to remember all dates in and out US because I have many trips in last 5 years and also mentioned all in application ??

  9. Hi . Please I will need your guardian about situation. Actually I am in the process of k1 reissue visa. However I have submitted all the requirements from the US Embassy for new visa. Since the time I have submitted my international passport. I can't access my case status anymore on ceac. State. Gov… Please what should I do?

  10. is anyone here from NYC? my interview will be January 28, I'd like to know how are the officers in the Federal plaza office (my green card expired in Jan 2020) and also when it comes to name changes are they doing it the same day? I just want to make my middle name my first time and remove my first name so I am not sure is that is fully considered a change name.

  11. Enero/ 2021 me toco el examen con las 100 preguntas cívicas y no con las 128 ya que yo aplique en Agosto del 2019 y me cancelaron mi cita en Abril por el Covid19 y después me tocó mi cita en Noviembre pero también me la cancelaron porque salí del país y no tenía que estar fuera de USA antes de 14 días y luego me enviaron otra para enero, estos vídeos me sirvieron artisimo más que todo los del covid y el distanciamiento social, y si pase el examen.. espero que les ayude me tomaron solo 5 preguntas y fue rápido me hicieron escribir 1 oración y leer otra.

  12. I am traveling from Germany to US for my interview. The question "have you travelled outside the US within the last 14 days?" My answer is Yes and what are they going to do? Are they going to cancel my interview? Please answer me!!!!!

  13. Thanks to this video my interview was pleasant and very helpful in feeling confident in my answers, and sure of myself I recommend it to everyone. Pass my interview today 05/01/2021 and I am very grateful and I recommend it to everyone.

  14. Why can't you take your phone in. I always had all my personal belongings with me during the interview.

  15. Hello, hope you are well. I am conditional green card holder. I applied for naturalization for green card and also citizenship. I received a letter for interview which says, N400- Application for naturalization. You are hereby notified to appear for an interview on your application for naturalization at the date, time and place indicated above…

    I want to know is this green card conditional resident interview or is it for citizenship interview where I have to memorize for the test and question?

    Thank you.

  16. If ever I passed my interview, is it possible to get an oath schedule the same day even I have to change my name? My interview will be held in Nevada and I'm going to stay for a week only in the US because I have to go back to Germany. Can you please help me to figure this out? If I tell my situation to the officer, do you think he would consider it?

  17. Thank you so much for your channel. I passed a few days ago and I will have my ceremony pretty soon. You are an excellent teacher and I loved your videos. God bless you for your help for us.

  18. Please I have my mother sick in Peru, I need answer, I have Priority Date 04/14/2020 on my N 400, I live in Orlando Florida. How long I have to wait for my fingerprints? and after fingerprints how many days I have to wait for a test?
    I know, you do not have to answer, but really I need the answer.
    Thanks so much for you time.

  19. I am Married, so when I tell the Officer my full name and he/she asks if I have used any other names, do I have to mention my maiden name prior to Marriage? I only wrote that my I-485 Application and after that changed my name to my Husbands surname. All applications after that were sent in my married name. So do I mention my maiden name if he/she asks if I have used any other name?

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