UnoRe Review and UNO Price Prediction 2021

This video is an UnoRe Review and UNO Price Prediction 2021.

*Sources –, Jaskanwar Singh, Sujith Sizon, Polkadot,,, London Crypto (Twitter), and

Intro 00:06
What Is Reinsurance? 01:10
UnoRe Review 01:49
For A Little Background… 04:41
Where To Find UNO 05:01
Let’s Talk Token 05:57
UNO Price Prediction 2021 07:46
Final Thoughts 08:36

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  1. so in essence, they are funding the scam, sorry i mean their scheme with public funds?

    ive noticed a big downward notch not related to btc price in past few days.

    it pretty much looks asif somebody is artificially dropping the price and leaving investors at a loss while they cash out.

    something very fishy about this coin

  2. Boss I don’t know where did you get that info. Uno token circulating is leas then 7 million. You can go to Ku Coin and double check. Uno doesn’t have even 10 million in market cap. Make your research and homework before posting video. These Indians claim they are in Estonia but looks like they are mostly in India and Dubai. Project sounds interesting

  3. Excellent Discussion .
    With Many Amazing Cryptocurrency Projects … an Investor needs to Draw a Line in the Sand … and, make a Personal Choice .
    Lucky's Mega Millionaire Picks :

    Good Luck .

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