Uniswap OMI listing price- spike then nosedive- Why did Ecomi crash? #VeVe

We all thought it was possible that #omi ran after the #uniswap listing but instead #ecomi went down. First it rocketed on uniswap then it crashed everywhere? What happened and why?

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  1. If ecomi gets FIFA they will absolutely crush it, Soccer/football is the biggest global game the number 1 in asia/europe/uk/africa/south america, also the video game FIFA football made by ea sports uses a token based system called FUT, where people collect players, but the issue is with every version of the game you lose your last versions FUT purchases, if ecomi could work alongside a software company to make it so that you keep you FUT/tokens no matter if the game versions up then they would be onto something truly unique. This could also work within Fortnite where people could have tradable ingame objects/tokens that players purchase via ecomi/blockchain to be utilised in games, like a 1 off gun or weapon and only 1 player in the entire network owns that gun and if u want it you have to bye it from that 1 individual to use in game.

  2. Dump due to uniswap massive price spread when listing (0,06 vs 0,01), everybody was selling. Ecomi should prevented that, a little unrespectful with its loyal bitmax hodlers I think.

  3. Buy the rumor, sell the news. People have been transferring OMI out of BitForex for weeks to dump it on UNI. It’s gonna go back up, now just needs to stabilize.

  4. I'm confused, can people create and trade their own collectibles on this app or not?

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  6. I think the issue was liquidity and lack of traders. They need to be more professional. As far as uniswap it's not their issue. It's ethereum. Omi dropped the ball on uniswap listing and they should've listed on binance smart chain and on QuickswapDex. I did see a large 50 eth sale too though.

  7. hey bud what do you think the best exchange to buy usdt to send to bitforex is?? Also do you think that there is any other good coins on Bitforex? what is this nsg coin? they had a huge run. dont mean to get away from omi but was just wonderinng? i thinking of buying more omi during the drop was think of having a little omi to to sell when price goes up and keep the rest to hold

  8. Just buy the dip, it’s very simple. If you believe in OMI you really don’t mind this drop. Accumulate and become rich.

  9. Business development fund is gone for ecomi. Because of the 97bn screw up they moved omi from those wallets to founders and team wallets. Guess what wallets sold big.
    Im guessing the drop before uniswap was needed to get some money to pay the developers.

  10. Bro dont care About whether its on .01 or .008..just buy as much aa u can becasue its golden oppurtunity..look at crypto currencies last year same time…they were all at same place and this season is of NFT’s…omi is just getting heated up…when it start to grow u cant imagine how fast it will grow to 3-4 cents in just one day..thats bull market bro

  11. Meh I got 6x already, didn't cash out for three reasons. I'm greedy, im too lazy to trade, and as a collector myself I know it's potential is way higher.

  12. Last thing should I wrap my omi or leave it I plan on holding it long term 3 plus years

  13. i gave this video a like when its so funny how clueless people are when something major happens…..when the news broke about the uniswap listing thats when you buy!!….. when the listing is about to actually happen thats when you sell…. buy the rumor sell the news saying…then you wait for three legs down and rebuy at the bottom, so about 0.0092 where i just bought about 30 minutes ago 😉 then sell after three legs up at the double peak…this was free info…dm me on twitter for more great ways to trade Ecomi in order to grow your ecomi holding!!!! I am @JadedMarket Also i subscribed 🙂

  14. Uniswap will be really BULLISH over time!! Uniswap is great for the Whales that don't want the risk of signing up to smaller exchanges and they don't care about 'high' fees when they are buying millions OMI

  15. So OMI in the GoChain is different than the wOMI on Uniswap? When I look to the OMI charts I don't see that it reached 0.6. Sorry, I am new to all this, but I was expecting they were the same in terms of price so I didn't even bother to move my bag to Uniswap since the fees are higher there.

  16. Other NFT coins are down today as well , look at THETA . Many people expected a run up on the price of OMI leading up to the Uniswap listing , including the day of , and anticipated a sell off after . This also happens in the stock market for news reports and earnings , generally we will sell in order to collect profit and buy back in when the price settles lower . It will come back up , not to worry .

  17. Seems like a much better idea to try to get it listed on Binance or Coinbase. Or could they not wra it with Binance Smart Chain instead ?

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