UK’s drugs and vaccine watchdogs hold news conference on blood clot concerns

Watch live: The UK’s drugs and vaccine watchdogs are holding a joint news conference addressing blood clot concerns linked to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine

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  1. We should all fight against totalitarianism, utilitarianism, and chattel slavery masquerading as coercive vaccine passports. Vaccine passports equals vaccination coercion. Vaccination coercion equals overreaching tyranny. A crime against humanity. Any politicians who supports this should be re-called! Any businesses that enforces this should be boycotted! Stop supporting businesses and politicians taking away our freedom to decide what is or is not injected into our bodies. Let them go out of business. Don’t spend one dime on any business that supports vaccine passports. Only support businesses that support our freedom to choose. Let’s show them what a real reset looks like! Vaccines are not without risks. Where there are risks there must be duress-free voluntary informed consent. Anything other than duress free voluntary consent is a crime against humanity. I would encourage anyone who wants to voluntarily take a Covid-19 to do so of their own free will.

  2. The England will wave 3 times to the bold man when the eagle comes. 2021 will lock the feathers down in the duck for all to see.

  3. The criminals using piggy back hypnotic suggestions on YouTube at it again.These criminals used piggy back hypnotic suggestions during a vaccination telephone appointment that resulted in a person not taking up his vaccination.The criminals must be exposed for years of this bullying,victimisation and exploitation.As a people,I don’t like them.This is a dirty toxic diseased scientist,unethical and immoral with a television narcissist parasite with a same mindset.They are not above the law they have ruined a human life and they must be arrested taken to court.

  4. This is insane!!! No one should be given the AstraZeneca! Who would willingly want to be that rare case where death occurs

  5. The clotting comes from the Vax forcing the cells to produce the SPIKE protein for the immune response. This is a biologically active fusogenic protein that sticks cells together and promotes coagulation. What's not clear is why it happens in some people and not others.

  6. Is this serious? why should old people still have this ??? ban it and give them a different one if they really want to take it ! thats crazy! but my opinion is dont take it at all! …..Your welcome.

  7. Ivermectin is one of the safest drugs out there. Only 19 deaths associated with it in 35 years after 4bn doses worldwide. It was shown to block sars-cov2 12 months ago, yet not a single RCT was done in the UK. Meta analysis of data from trials done in other countries has shown it reduces deaths by over 75% when used as a treatment & reduces risk of catching covid by 90%+ (just like a vaccine). But it has been deliberately stalled so they can roll out the vaccines (rules state that if there is a treatment available then vaccines cannot get 'emergency' approval to skip safety trials).
    Think about that – someone decided to block a treatment which could have saved 75% of those who died – because it interfered with their profits.

  8. My whole arm went yellow and bruised over blood test no chance am I taking the chance with these vaccine not a chance

  9. Bill Gates even warns of depopulation via vaccines in his Ted talks and he owns patent to Coronavirus to profit from vaccine sales. Why can’t he be sued for liabilities and wrongful deaths. The medical field is full of indebt medical school doctors and medical staff who owe financial industry who are full of depopulation occult members for NWO.

  10. The Great Reset.Control,jab,control,jab.Mask,isolate,mask,isolate.Time to wake up.Fear of a virus is being promoted and used to eliminate our freedom.Wake up time.

  11. It’s no big deal guys. This is age old. Sacrifice yourself for that of the greater good …. is it really good tho

  12. Vaccines must be stopped because there are other treatments for covid-19. It is illegal to continue and approve these vaccines if there are alternative medicines.

  13. The vaccine asleepdogs are employees of Big Pharma. Wolves guarding the hen house.

  14. Unforseen complications , Quickly put together , more possible dangers , and there's possible more .So if someone is now too scared to get the vaccine , will they be left in limbo? No holiday , No visit to your local and just No No No , because I for one thought yes , but now? I just don't know.

  15. I have just had a stroke so if I had this jab I am at risk, but they still keep asking for me to have one, can this woman quarrentee i will be safe, don't think so.

  16. I don't think anyone who has now had the AZ vaccine is reassured. The opposite, in fact. What a shambles from Johnson and Co.

  17. Imagine being a fit and healthy 30 yo able to fight covid off like a cold, then being jabbed like a lab rat with an unnecessary vaccine and dying of a blood clot! Sickening!

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