UK R value is now below 1

Professor Tim Spector from the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app discusses the latest data, which shows that the R-value across most regions of the UK is now below 1.

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  1. He does look a little jaded compared with the early days of this APP, perhaps he should delegate a few things for a bit, I send him my unbridled best wishes from The Olde Curzonry…

  2. So reassuring to hear your reports.i struggled today when asked to log in and had to rest my password several times. Why no explanation?

  3. Until I saw you on TV this morning, I was really struggling to believe a word of any of this. Yes I know there is a virus, but there are too many ridiculous graphs with numbers plucked from the air by Pinky and Perky.
    The biggest problem with all of this is Bill and Melinda Gates that want to vaccinate the world (loads of money) but at the same time want it depopulated by billions.
    I have never had a flu vaccination and don't plan on starting now. However this is the whole reason behind scare tactics, and we'll probably need 2 or more every few years!! (said the computer genius) Unfortunately the whole thing is as dirty as the current American elections, and more than likely connected.

  4. Prof Spector is a star. I hope he doesn't feel as drained as he now appears,, compared with his first updates.

  5. Would you advise what has happened to the App? No reminder yesterday so I went to log my usual daily stats but it was as if it was new and I now have to create a new account? When I was and have been for a long time already registered?

  6. I have some concerns with this app.
    It seems like I can report more than once a day.
    NY population @19.45 million has 4420 users
    TX population @29 million has 4548 users
    Lots of people believe the virus is a hoax and refuse to mask up, I’m sure they are not using this app.
    How can this app generate accurate data?

  7. Looking at the Zoe app data, it contradicts hospital data. I have a theory on this. Community transmission is now below 1, but hospital transmission is above 1, which is going to cause problems for the hospitals. Number of cases in hospital outside the north west are still doubling around every 3 weeks. If this is correct, then we do not need to lockdown further, but the hospitals have got to stop the transmission being over 1 or else they will get full again which might cause government to do an even stronger lockdown which would be the wrong medicine…

  8. It seems to me that these briefings are meaningless for as long as they confine themselves to statements about “cases”, as determined by a test that isn’t able to distinguish between the infected and the recovered.

    What do the statement that “cases”’are high, and that increases are “worrying”, mean when “cases” refer to things that are not infection?

    What is the trend in death rate relative to the expected seasonal rate, both in respiratory illness and all-cause? Because if respiratory deaths are lower than normal, and all-cause deaths are higher, then it’s time to stop naval gazing and start tackling suicide, poverty, and withheld medical treatment.

  9. Fake virus, fake testing régime, pointless & toxic vaccines … it's ALL a media-driven CON. Wake up sheeple and say NO NO NO — and stick the vaccines where the sun don't shine. Agenda is small-business destruction, cashless economy, RFID-chip implantation, no private travel, no private transportation & finally take out 93% of thee world's population to achieve net 500 million (Georgia Guidestones, 1980). The banksters fomented world wars 1 & 2, the 1929 depression, and false-flagged 9/11 (2001) to invade the Middle East + bombed London (2005) at the precise same sites as a terrorist EXERCISE the same fcuking day.. How dumb are you to fall for all this BLINDINGLY-OBVIOUS sh*t?

  10. What happens though when not everyone volunteers to have the vaccine? Will they be forced to have it or blackmailed into having it? This really worries me!

  11. But is it below 1? or is this your option? It's not being reported anywhere! Do you have any evidence? if so show it! You should not make statements which you cannot verify without showing the evidence, it gives false hold.

  12. Tim Specter is a typical knucklehead that takes a position and then defends it under any circumstances, even when the circumstances change. Of course, knuckleheads would always have a following of the same kind.

  13. This is not what the ONS are saying. Your data collected is from sensible people who are willing to volunteer and use the app. As much as any positive news is a good thing. We shouldn’t be complacent

  14. What are long term effects of RNA vaccines? Given the test and trace fiasco and potential unreliability of connectivity across the globe how much confidence is there in AI monitoring of vaccine side effects?

  15. Why the push for schools? Kids already traumatized by our handling of SARS COV2 especially PCR tests of young and masks everywhere. This isn't the answer. Sweden followed WHO pandemic guidance 2019 which specifically goes against this year's mantra on Lockdowns and test and trace. Their schools never closed. Zero cases below 16. Only cases in those schools were staff to staff. See full interview with Anders Tegnell.

  16. Dear Prof

    My concerns regarding trials of this vaccine are that they have been carried out in times of lockdown where people have had massive restrictions placed on them in many countries i.e. working from home, etc, surely this will surely skew the data to the benefit of the Pharma Companies showing a low rate of infection? The data needs to be published with full transparency, which is very unlikely in the present political climate which has probably produced the required response of hysteria and subsurvience in the governments eyes.


  18. Great news i'm off to a rave and to cram on some buses and tube trains all it took was a few days of lock down to bring a raging pandemic "R" rate down below 1 let's throw some street parties This information is based on figures from the so called NHS app that has nothing to do with the NHS but has stolen their branding and we are supposed to believe that these figures really accurately represent the "R" value given that the 1st app was such stinking pile of dog poo. Pardon me if I'm just a little bit sceptical and worried that this is bringing false hope and a very big risk that people will see this as an opportunity not to take the lock down seriously.

  19. Not in my area in South east. The elderly are getting sick in their homes with nobody supporting them in their homes, it takes a week for social services to give them a list of numbers.

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