UK health official calls COVID-19 surge 'extremely concerning'

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A senior UK health official has called a record surge in new coronavirus cases “extremely concerning.” The UK government came under pressure on Tuesday to tighten restrictions as it announced a record 24-hour high of new infections, up sharply from the previous record of 41,385 set on Monday. #UK #Coronavirus

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  1. Boris Johnson claimed his country is amazing and will thrive after Brexit. Right now only the Covid-19 disease is thriving in the UK.

  2. — PCR testing must STOP immediately ! Mass PCR testing on non symptomatic pl is fueling hysteria / has nothing to do with infection rate!

    — What is going on right now, is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase, (viral stasis) and is perfectly normal. Virulence weakening and dilution is what always happens when mutations and naturally acquired herd immunity is occurring throughout the populations. Invariably mutation causes infection rate increase and lethality rate decrease. Vaccination at this stage, is essentially pointless.

    — To show statistical significance for a virus of this type, a vaccine must show efficacy, (save lives, Period.) However, when the overall death rate is between 0.2 and 0.4 %, there will be little to no benefit. In other words, SARS-COV-2 virus is far too weak right now to show a vaccines effectiveness rate numerically, at population scale.

    — Ubiquitous viruses are fought and defeated primarily by the T-Cell lymphocytes within our immune systems, Not from antibodies. The entire narrative that is being heavily perpetuated by a large sector of the science community is False and they must fully understand this. (This is fundamental immunology, first term, first lesson, Chapter -1 "Steps leading through respiratory virus infection, to immunity").

    — What is going on in the world, is truly bizarre. To the extent that in just the past few short months, all virology and immunology textbooks ever printed in existence, are being re-written as we speak, the premise to all empirical scientific methodology, logic and reason.

    — Dr. Bhakdi infectious disease microbiologist full interview Q&A: (extremely detailed and well explained)

    — (Pfizer) Former VP, Chief respiratory research scientist: Yeadon and / Dr. Craig /Pathologist / Fuellmich full interview

  3. Instead of promoting cooperation. Africa-West-China Co-Operation. ASEAN-EU-USA co-operations. Latin America-Africa-China-EU-development projects. I mean climate crisis is also here and we should use and improve all resources we have but the West is just biased by their Dark Ages & colonialism mentality, wanting to keep everything to themselves out of greed or even perhaps fear or both and using their racism and alleged moral & cultural supremacy/authority and is missing out on opportunities and not solving any problems.

    It is really sad that people worldwide have to die because of politics.

  4. People, the vax does not even prevent you from contracting the virus. It just lessens the symptoms. You don't hear that discussed much, do you? And you need 2 doses, weeks apart! And as new strains form, it will become even less effective, just like the annual flu shot is a "best guess" of the mostly likely strains.

    With a 99.6% survival rate IF infected, I think I'll take my chances with the virus. Just use common sense, people. Stop touching so much stuff while out in public and then touch your face, wash hands before eating or after being out in public, stay away from sick people, boost your immune system with nutrition and exercise.

  5. Good. That's for all the suffering those imperialist pigs caused the world over the past several centuries. Let them drown in their own blood!

  6. Ah, i see gift from China is busy causing more death and destruction. Thanks for the report CGTN.

  7. So you set up a temporary hospital just for show only? Why? You knew that you don't have enough staff. You have a big problem, UK. Your society is in deep trouble and morally wrong!

  8. Of course they do meanwhile China who has a huge population even bigger than the United States is throwing parties. I believe this shit is dangerous but I know firsthand how dangerous it really is I work in covid-19 unit. I've seen firsthand what it could do and I'm sorry even though it can kill people there's no freaking reason whatsoever our economy should be closed and no reason that the whole world should be turning to a new world order.!!!!!! This is all set up for sure

  9. When China was building temporary hospital in Wuhan knowing well they need more beds for those infested people. UK, US and allies are laughing at China and some said China is building more concentration camps again. See who is laughing now?

  10. Suddenly I remembered the British IELTS bullshit who previously worked in Beijing, is he dead?

  11. China has shackled the whole world and it must be held accountable. Who agrees with me?

  12. Make it a habit to report this Indian troll from Malaysia by the name Kumar ok guys..
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  13. In reality , the UK and its five eyes allies along with Endia were heavily criticizing China's lockdown , accusing China for human rights violations .
    Now , they're experiencing an instant karma effect .

    Come on , you know it's TRUE

    You're very welcome
    Sincerely from the AWESOME revolution

  14. Don't know what to believe anymore. Looks like a push for vaccination. And remember infections are rising but less deaths. Makes me question the truth.

  15. Corona virus was circulating since Bill gates had warn us..but we spend more money on stupid war than on health issue. Now is the prices we have to pay for ignoring the real enemy.

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