UK COVID-19: Coronavirus NHS contact-tracing app will be trialled on Isle of Wight this week

An NHS contact-tracing app aimed at limiting the future spread of coronavirus will be trialled on the Isle of Wight this week.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps revealed the English Channel island will be the first place in the UK where the new, “exciting” NHS smartphone app will be used.

It has been suggested that areas that trial the app could also have coronavirus lockdown measures eased, in an experiment to see how the entire UK could exit stringent social distancing rules.

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  1. This is all part of Bill Gates plan to vaccinate the world.Bill Gates has no medical expertise, had associations with Brian Epstein, lots of his vaccines projects has caused huge contrerversy in India and Africa. Yet Boris Johnson accepted 8 billion dollars from the Bill Gates foundation for the global vaccination alliance. The Bill Gates vaccine is on its way mandatory next year 2021. The Covid 19 timeline all ties in with Bill Gates's plans. Do not download this app. For now it's voluntary, but will it be mandatory. We all need to wake up and fight this evil….

  2. It won't be the best possible way why would you pick up my property when people checking their phones constantly I'm glad we're not doing this if they think you need a nap on your phone and the government should pay for your cell phone

  3. Don't own a mobile or similar device and never will.

    People today have somehow misunderstood what a 'mobile' is…

  4. Contact tracing is BS !! Herd immunity has worked better for centuries.. the app technical system is flawed & designed specifically to divide our freedoms.. its the elimination of PROTEST !! STOP BUYING INTO THIS CRAP.. we know that WHO lied about the mortality rate , & Lockdown FAILED ! The devastation of lockdown FAR outweighed any benefits !!

  5. The morons will be downloading this app not know they are willingly giving up their privacy to the evil elite.
    People must inform everyone they know not to download this app.

  6. Roll out of tracing delayed due to “issues”. This government ignores other countries early lockdowns and chooses to delay – disaster. This government ignores the opportunity to join the EU PPE and ventilator purchasing scheme and goes it alone – disaster. This government ignores the opportunity to use an off the shelf tracing app, successfully used in many other countries, and decides to design its own more intrusive one – disaster waiting to happen. Anybody still trust them with Brexit?

  7. so, wheres the update on how this has gone?? 40 % of the isle of wight accepted the app, its been in use for over a week, yet theres been no update of any kind stating how it has or hasnt worked out……

  8. How does this idiot know that it will be the best way to help the NHS. He just gets given a script and is told to read it as fact.

  9. Can you truly be so delusional that you fail to see the glaringly obvious intention for the testing of this app? What needs to occure before ones intellect processes all the information around you to form your cognitive understanding of the real danger?

  10. Attention. Do not use this app. It is impossible to track all people in all shops you walked in. It is a spy app for the government. Put your blue Tooth off when outside the house. Do not let yourself fooled. For once in your life be wise!

  11. Why has Britain gone down the route of centralised tracking? It means that in the wind down to the lockdown Britons will be unlikely to travel abroad. 
    Who will hold the tracking data? 
    Will the data be erased following the end of the crisis? 
    Is an app that was developed and rolled out in under eight weeks secure? 
    Why didn't the government opt for the Google/Apple decentralised app instead of throwing money at software development?

  12. Enemies disguise themselves with their lips, but in their hearts they harbor deceit. Though their speech is charming, do not believe them, for seven abominations fill their hearts. Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly. Proverbs 26:24-26

  13. What a ducking joke? What kind of 1984 thing do they want me put on my phone?!
    Take your brave new world and shove it!

  14. this government is not installing anything on my phone – WE WANT OUR DEMOCRACY BACK NOW!

  15. If people except this tracking app ,what's next ,micro chipping like pets ….. where does our human rights come into play ,draw the line people before they take every one of our liberties we have left from us. Everyone on earth who cares about there human rights there children's futures must refuse the vaccine and the digital I'd and all these nightmares they are trying to make us except .There will be more! Unless people make a stand.

  16. It's a hard pass from me. I will never install this surveillance app, and neither should you.

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