U.S. seeks to speed up COVID-19 vaccine delivery amid shortages

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One top challenge for the Biden administration will be speeding up delivery of COVID-19 #vaccines. The president has set a goal of getting shots to 100 million Americans in his first 100 days in office. But solving the serious supply chain issues will be a steep climb. #Coronavirus #Biden

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  1. U.S. Run out of Vaccine "Don't Wish others ill. the ill will always Corrupt you" – Karma always Wins

  2. Iam not getting inoculated until Russia's SputnikV or Russia's new covid antidote vaccine is available in the west!

  3. In reality , U tube just deleted my first comment because I was writing some negative stuff about the US


    You're very welcome
    Sincerely from the AWESOME revolution

  4. Congratulations! Biden and Harris's team represents the US diverse social and racial mix.

    The world is ready to move on from Traitor Trump's negative stagnation.

    New Zealand followed the WHO simple 3 point plan last February and have had only 25 Covid deaths.

    Thanks to Biden and Harris, the US have learnt the death every 20 second lesson and rejoined the WHO !


    UK = 94,580 China = 4,635 (x20) II US 420,285 China 4,635 (x90).

    NO VACCINE & NO COVID = Taiwan 7 and New Zealand 25.

    Vaccines from Belgium, China, Russia, UK and India. US Warp speed ?

  6. 2021 US Warp speed is slower than the 1947 US Small Pox vaccine roll out.

    China and India send rockets to Mars and the moon while US hip hop is tired after 40 years.

    Germans are still teased about Nazis today. US troops (38K) are still stationed there 75 years later.

    Your grand children will still be teased about being simple-minded MAGATs in 2095 ! !

  7. In reality , even an active vaccine would not solve the catastrophe of Covid in the US .
    Covid is totally out of control .
    The vast majority of US citizens are still refusing to follow strict descive

    Come on , you know it's TRUE

    You're very welcome
    Sincerely from the AWESOME revolution

  8. It's time to sue CCP regime for Wuhan virus/ covid 19

    So far 1.98M. Innocent people died cause of Wuhan virus

    Where is xijiping?
    Why he always hiding

    Oh yes we Americans dislike Chyinese

  9. Israel has been questioning Pfeizer's fake efficacy data. The US cannot kick covid-19 unless they switch to really effective vaccine.

  10. That’s cause there were 23 deaths associated with Pfizer in Norway. Think they are stopping the vaccine production

  11. USA should ask India for help
    India give out its vaccines for free for lots of countries and I’m quite sure that they will give their best ally as well~

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