You may be able to notice why your UK Visa immigration application is on hold by getting in touch with the UK Home Office, or your local MP. 🔴 IMPORTANT LINK:
You may perhaps want to ensure your passport will be sent back to you in time for a holiday, or simply be annoyed about how long the UK Visa Application decision is taking.

The good news is that you can get in touch with the UK Home Office, or your local MP yourself rather than paying an highly – priced lawyer or immigration expert to do it on your behalf.

We will now discuss important topics:
0:00 UK Visa Application delay
1:44 Immigration status during the visa application processing delays
3:00 Contacting Covid-19 Immigration Help Centre
3:57 Contacting your Local MP

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  1. Applied for visa extension(from Inside UK) under ICT category,its been more than 10 Weeks (application submited in July end) (First week of September used app for photo submission)still no answer. As per timeline from date of application it has crossed. Not sure much time we should wait.

  2. I have applied for tier 4 visa's priority visa it has been changed to standard visa .. after 15 days still Ukvi says can't take decision on ur application .. wat should I do now . How long should I wait .. somebody help me .. my course has started already ..

  3. ആദ്യം 3 മാസം മുമ്പ് തന്ന പാസ്പോർട്ട് വിസ അടിച്ച് തിരിച്ച് താ തയോ ലി , പിന്നെ പുതിയത് കോണക്കാം…

  4. My wife applied visa 27/07/2020 and didn't get any answer still waiting,
    One question,
    In UK embassy when I was applying visa application they took the all document is needed but my passport they didn't take me,
    so that is there any problem or will they request me back the original passport???

  5. Even a prostitution centre is 1000 times responsible than UK home office. My biometrics date was on August 11th, still processing status for the last 1 month. They fucked my Passport also.

  6. Thank you for applying for a UK visa. Your visa application has been received and is under consideration. We aim to process non settlement applications within 15 working days (unless you have opted for the Priority Visa service), and settlement applications within 60 working days.

    Unfortunately, the processing of your application has not been straightforward and we will be unable to decide your application within our customer service targets. We are continuing to work on your application and aim to make a decision as soon as possible.

    We will write to you again if there is any change to this. Please do not attend the Visa Application Centre until you have been advised that your application has been decided and that your passport is ready for…. pls advise what it means

  7. My husband applied for my spouse visa on 15th September in Birmingham. And I submitted my biometric in Lahore on 10th SEPTEMBER. When can I get reply.??? It's very stressful to wait!!

  8. I'm from India, our visa decision has been taken on September 2Nd. Problem is for printing visa, said UKVI. Please note only 1 month to cover 90days, do home office idiots extend our requested date according to late visa stamping.

  9. My husband submit my case for settlement from UK since last 2 months, didn't receive any call from Gerry,even the people who submit after mine they can get call from Gerry and they submit their passport!

  10. Please can you advice on EEA Family permit visa applied on the 15 Mar 2020 outside the UK. I have sent an email to the home office and received a reply within five days that due to Covid experience delay .I agree and understand but it has been over six months and look forward for a tentative or turn around time it would take for return of my passport with the visa stamped
    Highly appreciate if please i can get a reply as i am desperate with no feed back Thank you and looking forward for a positive response

  11. I submitted my application to VAC Nairobi on August 2019 . My appeal was successful in March 2020, i got an email to submitt my Passport which i took to the UK embassy in Nairobi in July 2020 and they said i give them 4 weeks . Its going to 3 months now and i have not recieved my passport . I send email last week asking about my visa and they replied me on the 23 September 2020 that they will contact me within 20 days that will be next month around 19th or 20 th October. Im so stressed, dissappointed and i need to see my husband who is not well at the moment.

  12. I want to get information about Visa Vignette, now i am outside UK and i have applied for tier 4 general student visa. And if i get tier 4 general student visa, will i have to travel to UK within 30 days or within 3 months?

  13. I applied my spouse visa on 10th of August with standard service bt I haven’t my visa when I will get my visa?plz suggest me.

  14. Out side Uk application? 12 days now since submit applications still didn’t get credibility interview as well

  15. My passport has been with the home office since 2017 . I am getting depressed day by day

  16. My UK Settlemnt visa 6 August 2020 going to biometric still waiting for results how much time

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