The Future of Air Travel – Covid Passport? Covid App?

The Future of Air Travel – Covid Passport? Covid App? In this video I discuss the Future of air travel. Whether or not you’ll need a Covid passport or to travel internationally, will you need a Covid passport travel? I research a Covid passport app, that is due in March of 2021. This Covid App will I’m sure be just one of many. This will be whether or not, you’ve had the Covid 19 vaccine. This is all my opinion; but I read stories regarding this Travel pass.

It can also go by the names, Covid 19 travel certificate, or vaccination certificate. This is just my latest Travel news vlog. Will you need a vaccination certificate or travel passport to be able to fly internationally? Or even just to enter the US. This Vaccine passport I’m guess, will start to be common place once more than 60% of the US population has been vaccinated. It can also be called a Health Passport or Immunity Passport. Attention should be mad to the CDC and the WHO websites regarding International travel. This all all to do with international Travel but could be for domestic as well. Again, this is what I believe. This certificate could allow you to board your flight in a speedy timeline. The Coronavirus vaccine is here, but until we can get the majority of US citizens vaccinated, this is what we may have to live with. And even after that. The app named Verifly, is American Airlines answer to this app. I also discuss the locdowns in Bogota. Bogota Colombia, that is. Bogota lockdown is a phrase you’ll hear ever day in Colombia. This Bogota quarantine is expanding each week it looks like.

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  1. I dont see how they can get away with this pass considering all the deaths severe allergic reactions with this current covid shot.

  2. Planning on going to Medellin soon and your videos have been very helpful…ive been doing research on requirements to enter and found check mig & PCR and i also saw something about CoronApp colombia any info on that? Thanks

  3. Not taking this vaccines they didn’t require the flu vaccine for travel before so why now with this shame of a virus the powers that be the elites are trying to control us can’t you see this

  4. It's all about controlling you. They trying to rush everything fast. So as you said they want you to stay in countries where it's no testing. Its countries that is not following the west. They letting covid dominate so much you dont even hear of flu season anymore.

  5. Received both Covid Vaccines doses. I landed in Medellin last week and showed customs my PCR result and Covid Vaccine certificate and they actually recorded my certificate into their system.

  6. What good is a vaccine cert/ passport if anyone can pick it up virus off of a doorknob and pass it on…vaccine is not a disenfectant nor insecticide,,!

  7. Playa, my part-time job is given COVID 19 vaccinations this Wednesday but I'm going to wait until March.

  8. Rob, I am so pissed off by some of these stupid *ss travelers. The first case of the COVID-19 variant initially discovered in the United Kingdom has been found in Massachusetts after a woman traveled to the United Kingdom, state officials said Sunday.

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